Winning the Peace (Ch. 7) Blast from the Past (written in 2013)

If you believe that the Obama Administration has a coherent strategy to defeat Islamo-fascism then you should save your time and stop reading now. I am writing this only because I can’t find anyone putting forward a strategy to defeat the threat of Islamic supremacists. There are several brilliant authors writing about the reality of the threat, but none are suggesting concrete measures to defeat it. My intent here is to start a dialogue about developing a strategy to defeat Islamo-fascism and win the peace.

I believe that initially we need to focus on containing the threat. This should be done by isolating countries that support terrorism and strengthening those that are sitting on the outer boundaries of Islam, such as Kenya, Nigeria, and Thailand. The isolation of countries would be by economic, diplomatic, and social means. We should begin a generational effort to strengthen countries internal defense by providing them with advisors (Foreign Area Officers) who actually know the language and culture of the Partner Nation (PN), and promote their economic development through free trade.

World War IV began on 23 Oct, 1983 when two truck bombs struck the American and French barracks in Beirut killing at least 299. Our response has been to put our heads in the sand and wish this clash of civilizations away. Almost 30 years into WW IV and our President tells us that this is nothing more than overseas contingency operations with a bit of unconnected workplace violence thrown in for good measure, and that Benghazi was caused by a movie clip that no one had seen. Meanwhile back at the fort, POTUS invites the Muslim Brotherhood in to help us deal with the threat from Islamic supremacists, and the main stream media votes “present.”

I’m not sure that we will have a country to defend or enough young men willing to risk their lives to defend her after the Obama administration is through ripping us apart; but being an optimist, I’m going to believe that we’ll survive the Obama administration and elect a serious leader in the next presidential election. The Pentagon seems unwilling to admit that we’re a nation at war. Our leaders are unable to develop and implement a strategy to defeat the enemy so I figure I’ve got almost four years to work on this. My strategy does not have to be perfect, just better than the enemy’s and our nonexistent one that is currently being implemented.

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