A Quad Of A New Kind: Tech Quad  

Machines, big and small, all rely on one component, semiconductor. Be it computers, telecommunications, household appliances, banking, security, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and last but not least, war-making machinery, all depend upon semiconductors. So, it won’t be unreasonable to say that the country that controls the semiconductors controls the future.

Do you know, just like Rare Earth Elements (REE), India had a beginner’s advantage in semiconductor manufacturing? But bureaucratic apathy and red-tapism floundered every opportunity that came India’s way.

I (@InsightGL) explore what went wrong with India’s planning and execution. What lies in the future? Why should China not be allowed to dominate this all-important field? Why Quad-like alliance is the only way forward? My article on India’s leading think-tank organization, “Chanakya Forum”:


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