Love and Sex

Some religious conservatives won’t like me for saying this, but I don’t necessarily mind the idea of detaching sex from marriage. What bothers me is detaching sex from love.

Also, I believe that in many cases, women who voluntarily engage in prostitution are far compassionate towards men than most women are. They are definitely more compassionate towards men than I am. Who says that prostitutes never love men, and how do they know? Who says that men never love prostitutes, and how do they know?

The people who want to detach sex from all ideas about love don’t really believe in love at all, but that is another topic for another post.

14 thoughts on “Love and Sex

    1. You think? Lol 🙂 I am trying to clarify my thoughts on this subject, so if you have any doubts about what I am saying, I would be interested to hear them 🙂

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  1. I mean that I support free market capitalism in almost all forms but the problem with prostitution is keeping pimps from exploiting vulnerable young boys and girls.
    America is blind to the Biden administration’s support of sex trafficking through our southern border.

    Remember Nuevo Laredo? Best spring break EVAH!

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  2. Detached sex… yes I lived a double life for 11 years, I still think of one woman I had sex with for 6 years at work, I try to forget her…still haven’t and that been 14 years ago…( my user name discribes her first name and what she loved about me ) you can guess what it means and I’ll let you know if your right 🙂
    Sex outside of marriage is fun, scary, but in the end hurts your soul, be careful !

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    1. Welcome wimy9 🙂 Is there really such a thing as detached sex? Lol, I am not sure. Is it really possibe for sex to ever be detached? But then, I am a woman, lol 🙂

      It seems to me that there are unmarried people who truly love each other and married people who don’t. Sex without love definitely hurts your soul. 🙂

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      1. Judy
        I still think of the women I had sex with when I was unfaithful, we had great discussions and sometimes I feel the tug of hurt when I think of them…
        Not to be crass or rude, but the sex was great !!
        Thanks for responding

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      2. What is the most difficult for you when you have sex, meaning is there a hope for more than the physical, or is it both for pleasure and a hope for a deeper relationship ?
        For me it was pleasure… and a friendship,
        The women knew upfront what I could give and not give, still have friends today

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