When Beijing Was Burning Xi was Playing Personal Games 

A great fire destroyed Rome for six days in the summer of AD 64. Famous Roman historian of that time, Tacitus, recorded that 70 percent of the city was destroyed and half of the city’s residents were displaced. Roman ruler Nero was accused of being indifferent, ineffective, and careless. The end result of this neglect was that the Roman public suffered. Thus came the saying — “When Rome was burning, Nero was playing the flute.”

Today China, under its President Xi Jinping, is in a similar situation. It faces increased challenges. Some of those are:

  • Corruption and Localized Unrest
  • Pollution and Environmental Issues
  • Slowest Growth Rate in Four Decades
  • Plummeting Birth Rate
  • Disputes and Increased Tension With Neighboring Nations

I (@InsightGL) bring out how Xi Jinping is going to undo everything previous generations have done, and take China decades back with his personal agendas:

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