“Safer America”? Maybe it’s a winning slogan…

Saw Ol’Bygone speaking yesterday with his supporters behind him holding up “Safer America” signs. His supporters would rather be safe than great! That sounds Un-American, don’t it?

Welp, my daughter (age 27) opened my rheumy, heavy-lidded old eyes yesterday. She pointed out that on one hand, the parents of millennials taught them to be very afraid. Stranger-danger! ( she admitted that I didn’t hit that too hard, but it was in the air) . They weren’t allowed to have sliding boards, jungle gyms, whirligigs. (Again, she attended a Montessori school which DID have all that ancient playground equipment, be it noted, but this is true in general.) And then, they had a lot of scary stuff to deal with: 9/11, 2008…

Well, sheeee-uh, cry me a river. We had the Cold War, air raid drills, the Cuban Missile Crisis —and I remember the worst thing about that was that we could see how scared all the grownups were. Everybody was in mortal terror.
But maybe the difference is that had a definite end : The Soviets backed down! Kennedy won!—although we weren’t told then the concessions he had made, it was over, we faced ‘em and they blinked!
9/11 didn’t have such a satisfying conclusion. We couldn’t find and kill Bin Laden till what, a decade later? Everything changed and it stayed that way.
And 2008? She was 11 that year, and yuh we were scared, our wealth melting away! No of course we didn’t discuss it with her , nor was she deprived of anything , but she probably did sense our anxiety. Again, there was no satisfying reversal, life gradually seeped back into the economy, the markets.
So, it’s not we seniors who want “safety”— WE want victory, like we experienced in our own lifetimes. We had a great run. We wanna win!
But ….maybe Ol’Bygone’s “Safer America” slogan has more appeal to the Millennials. Maybe “nothing ventured, nothing gained “ resonates far less with them that “nothing ventured, nothing lost.”


2 thoughts on ““Safer America”? Maybe it’s a winning slogan…

  1. You and your daughter are onto something, here, Hypatia. Many parents nowadays are raising their children to be afraid-God Bless you for bucking that trend!

    My Dad was WWII generation, and old school: when I was 7, he sent my brother and I out to swim in the ocean in Ocean City Maryland without any adult supervision at all. My brother was 4, and my Dad always told me to keep an eye on my him. “Make sure that he doesn’t drown,” Dad would say. For those who don’t know, Ocean City does not have calm waters: the undertow there is kind of strong, and so much fun: we had a blast, and we were not afraid at all. We were not afraid of much. Our parents had confidence in our ability to deal with life, so we did too.

    Nowadays, my parents would be arrested for sending us out to swim with no adult present, but everybody back then thought my parents were over protective! All the other kids I knew had even more freedom than I did, and I had a lot of freedom.

    If I had kids, I could never and would never give them as much freedom as our parents gave us: we are living in a different world now, but too many parents are going too far in protecting their children, and as your daughter points out, they are raising kids who are scared. Not a good thing.

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  2. Plus only something like 0% can now even pass the military’s induction physical.
    We are becoming an international joke.

    My neighbors couldn’t understand the whole George Floyd summer of love, and I couldn’t explain it to them either.

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