Why Are We Forcing Young Women Into Careers, Again?

Below is a clip from one of Bill Maher’s shows in which he and his guests discuss the crises that young men in America are in right now. It lasts around 5 minutes. I am so glad that someone other than Tucker Carlson is recognizing this.

One of the guests blames technology. I blame feminism, LOL. I say, LOL, because those who have read my posts will know that I blame feminism for almost everything, if not everything. But seriously: so many young men are adrift right now, feeling that they have no purpose. So many young women pursue careers solely to please their parents. This is not working.


7 thoughts on “Why Are We Forcing Young Women Into Careers, Again?

    1. The big picture! The big picture is, they want to wipe Americans off the face of the earth. Doing everything they can to lower the birth rate is a big part of that. And it’s totally working.

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        1. From what I can tell, they aren’t really down with the cause. 50% of Americans don’t want to kill America, but they are blinded by a hatred of idleness. Some older women in particular cannot stand to see anyone sitting still, ever. There are so many well meaning Americans who think that they must force their daughters into the workplace in order to keep the Protestant work ethic alive. They don’t seem to notice what is going on with young men.

          100 years ago, most Americans lived on farms. As you know better than anyone, Simon, women who live on farms work very very very hard. And, even with people who didn’t live on farms, most unmarried women had to work: their parents couldn’t afford to pay for college, and in the case of my grandparents, they needed their daughters to work to help with the household expenses. 100 years ago, women had to work very very very and men had to work even harder or else everyone would die.

          So much has changed in such a short period of time, and we have not adjusted. It’s right and good for women to work so that the family can survive: it’s something else altogether when young women are being pressured into high power careers because feminists can’t stand the idea of anyone ever not working.

          This isn’t working!

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        2. And another thing 🙂 So many mothers tell us that the reason they go back to work when they have small kids is because they cannot stand to be the only adult in the house all day. They say that they need to be around other adults. I am very sympathetic to this argument.

          Being on your own all day with small children is no joke. It’s difficult, and sending young childless women to work does nothing to prepare them for being on their own all day with children: a woman who spends her days laying by the pool by herself will be better prepared for the solitary nature of motherhood than a woman who works all day.

          Some women really do need to work, and others want to, and that’s fine, but we shouldn’t be forcing women who neither need nor want to work, into working. There are people who just want everybody to be busy all the time, for no good reason: there isn’t really anything that needs to be done. They just want us to look busy. It’s so stupid, and so destructive.

          There are parents who have no problem spending 100s of thousands of dollars on worthless degrees, but they say that they cannot afford to provide a cot and supper every night to their single daughters: it’s ridiculous. And it isn’t working.

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