China is Coming For Your Land: Farmland

Drought has plunged water levels to the lowest in China in decades. The temperatures have also soared to record levels, and hydropower plants failed to meet the sharp rise in power demand. However, this is just a glimpse of the worst things to come. Floods, droughts, and record-breaking temperatures would have a catastrophic effect on the Chinese food supply. The autumn harvest, which supplies 75% of China’s grain, will be devastated.

The Ukraine war that has caused global shortages of sugar, cooking oil, wheat, and just about everything has further increased the anxiety of the Chinese leadership. So, what are the Chinese up to? How are they planning to provide food security to the Chinese population? What adverse effects would this would have on the other nations, especially the small and vulnerable African and Asian countries?

I (@InsightGL) explain the Chinese game plan on India’s leading think-tank organization “Chanakya Forum”:


4 thoughts on “China is Coming For Your Land: Farmland

  1. Yuh and Bill Gates is buying up farmland too. IMHO it’s all part of re-engineering world hunger, which thanks to “Western Civ” is, presently eliminated in the world. No we can’t have that, cuz y’see, when people don’t have to struggle with food insecurity, they start thinking about other things, like how their government is screwing ‘em. Bring back breadlines!

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