10 thoughts on “Finally Someone from the Religion of Peace Says the Quite Part Out Loud

    1. People are listening, Simon. Many of them are moving to Florida. My mother is the only reason I am still in Massachusetts. I live in kind of a conservative bubble here-40% of Mass residents are republicans, which means that we rarely win elections, but there are more of us than many people realize, and it is possible to live in a red bubble in a blue state, just as it is possible to live in a blue bubble in a red state-I saw that in Alaska. But, things have gotten so strange that the idea of staying here is beginning to become scary. I always knew that the leftists around me were ignorant, and I was raised to be charitable towards them. That is bccoming more difficult lately. I really would have thought that between Islamic extremism and transgenderism, sanity would have taken hold by now, and people would have woken up. They haven’t, and it seems that they never will. They refuse to read or watch any news source that questions their world view-it’s willful ignorance, and I cannot be charitable about it anymore. Thankfully, I actually don’t know very many leftists, and the few I do know rarely bring up politics, but the idea of living under thier rule is unthinkable to me, at this point.

      I love Western Mass. It breaks my heart to give up on Massachusetts, but I don’t know what else to do. You can’t fix stupid. You can’t reason with it, you can’t win an argument with it, or convince it to become smarter. At this point, I am just turning it over to God, and begging the Lord to somehow turn this state around. But yeah, the idea of living here scares me more and more every day.

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        1. Yes, but thankfully my Mom is doing very well. She just turned 90! I am hoping she makes it to 100 🙂 I may have to kidnap her and bring her down to Florida with me, lol. I tell her all the time that we would fit in better in Texas than we do in Mass. She never disagrees with me, lol.

          I would be honored to take care of Grandmoo. Thank you so much 🙂

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