One of the Things I Love About New England….

Is the relative lack of creepy crawly things. As a general rule, the scariest bugs in my corner of the world are hornets. I grew up with them, I am used to them, I have never been stung, and pray God that trend continues! I was fantasizing about moving to Florida, until I learned on the internet that some people call Florida “The Australia of America” because of all the creepy crawly things which live there. Especially terrifying is something called the Wolf Spider: “The wolf spider is aggressive, and he will take the fight to you,” warns one Florida resident. Apparently, they also have scorpions, and both Northern and Southern black widows. To name just a few.

So, ok, there are other sane parts of the country I could move to where there won’t be so many bugs, right? Yeah, not really. I was thinking of South Dakota or Idaho-thinking that long winters would kill off most really bad insects there, like in New England, but no. There are all kinds of horrific bugs there that manage to survive the winter.

This got me wondering: have I been living in a fool’s paradise all my life? So, I googled “poisonous bugs in Massachusetts.” The first thing that came up was hornets, which made me feel better, but it turns out that we also have black widows and wolf spiders in Massachusetts! Although, in 50 years of living here, I have never seen one, or even heard of anyone seeing one. But according to Google, they “have been reported.” It is suspected that they make their way up here from places like Florida on freight trains. How much do you want to bet that they are “reported” in the summer time? In other words, a train comes up from the South in June, some poisonous bug disembarks, hangs out in New England for the summer season, and then promptly dies when winter sets in, never to be seen again, until his cousin does the same thing next year. This is what I tell myself, anyway. It brings me comfort, though it probably isn’t true 🙂

I feel like I am losing my home. I never thought things could get this bad. In 2020, I proudly flew a Trump flag on my front porch, and the only thing I was afraid of was that some crazy person on the street would steal it. It is now 2022, just two years later, and I worry that if I fly a Trump flag again, someone will report me to the authoriites who will deal with me swiftly. And most people in Massachusetts wouldn’t bat an eye.

The neighbors I actually know are wonderful people. They have been so good to me, and I do not fear them, but I am actually afraid of most people in Massachusetts. I always thought that if things got bad enough, they would see the light. I was wrong.

6 thoughts on “One of the Things I Love About New England….

  1. I feel the same way you do about poisonous bugs. Eeeeek! We have none such here, in the mountains of Northeast Pa. AND, we have no poisonous neighbors. With all the Trump signs I see in our and neighboring counties, I can’t believe Trump didn’t win Pa.

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    1. He probably did win Pa, and he probably did better in Ma than anyone wants to admit. I like my neighborhood. I like my neighbors, and really, with a solid 40% of Ma residents voting republican, you would think it wouldn’t be sooo bad. But, I just cannot beleive what the 60% of Ma liberals are willing to put up with, and turn a blind eye to.

      I feel like the sharks are circling.

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  2. Re: creepy-crawlies: We don’t have that many of the flying/crawling variety in Pa; but Fetterman is a classic example of the bi-pedal variety.

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