A Song in the Air

I’m wakey early on this good Christmas morn. I reckon Simon will just be sitting down (or lying down😜) to his Christmas feast, halfway around the world, and for some members of our far-flung readership, the day may be over already. I never could grok the international dateline thing. But here in NEPA the eastern sky is just beginning to lighten, over the frozen fields: yes, a White Christmas at last! (And temperatures of , like, minus 7F; it’s been a wild coupla days weather- wise.)

Anyway it gives me pleasure to think of you all, as the world turns your portion of the globe now toward, now away from, the sun, bringing you in turn the blesséd and bustling day, the tenebrous and mysterious night.

Readers! Wherever you are in time and space on this December 25: awaiting the sun, still marveling at the stars, or watching the sun set:

Merry Christmas!


17 thoughts on “A Song in the Air

  1. I once aced a final exam by writing only one word on a piece of paper and turning it into my professor. The word was grok.
    Love how you have used it here.
    My old T.A. self would have suggested an A for you in this case as well. A COED or 3 actually lobied successfully to get her/ them a higher grade than she had actually earned.
    I am cheap but I can be had.


  2. Speaking of which, I nearly caused an international incident when the Englishman in this pic said something about America not finishing any wars or something like that.
    I responded, “You don’t want to go there.”
    He chose wisely and yet another international incident was narrowly avoided.

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  3. Those girls don’t look over 13 years old. Then again, people from the East tend to look younger and act older. People from the west tend to look older and act younger. BTW: I’m not awake until I drink my coffee and I’m only 1/2 way through it.

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  4. Psychos (especially of the female race) are more likely to attempt to castrate/ neuter their antagonist surreptitiously via creating the conditions likely to produce an “accidental” hernia in her victim.


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