Indian Military Reforms: Delays, Dispassion and Dissociation

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi will attend the Combined Commanders’ Conference in Karwar in March 2023. Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen Anil Chauhan will also be present. It is expected that the Indian military leadership will take decisive steps towards creating the much-awaited military theatre commands during this meeting. Three services are likely to present their views on the proposal, in writing, in presence of the Prime Minister.

The three service chiefs have a consensus over the creation of theatre commands. Is it the protection of one’s turf that is inordinately delaying such significant reforms, or are the issues much more complex that an outsider doesn’t understand?

The situation is similar in most countries; one has to just replace India’s name with their own country’s name. I explain, what is happening, what is required, and finally, how it should be executed in my latest article:

6 thoughts on “Indian Military Reforms: Delays, Dispassion and Dissociation

  1. Thank you as always for sharing your experience and knowlege with us, Commander! Between you and Simon, we are so honored to be able to read what both of you write.

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  2. Top mlitary brass protects their “rice bowls” all around the world.
    National Security all too often is not the primary focus of 4-star level Combatant Command HQs.

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