_Virga Joy_: A Review (By Request) Redux

I can finally tear myself away from re-reading it long enough to post a review of Virga Joy, a seamless collaboration by the unbeatable tag-team of Douglas Kimball and our own Simon Templar.

(I had a chance to enjoy this book in an online serialization prior to publication, and bought it on its release date.)

Virga Joy is a lightly-fictionalized memoir, travelogue, and entrepreneurial manual (about wrestling a black pepper plantation out of the grip of the Costa Rican jungle) all rolled into one. The descriptions of the settings (Afghanistan, Germany, Costa Rica, and Washington, DC) are immersive. The reader is invited to sit and stay awhile. The characters are fully-drawn men and women; who actually relate to each other. The action – yes, there’s plenty – is cinematic and well-paced.

I refer to Virga Joy as my “go-to ‘happy place’ book'”. It’s one I’ll gladly return to while I await its hoped-for sequel.



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