No Greater Love: Blackwater Operatives are Merciful…

And they deserve our everlasting gratitude. The men who volunteer to join Blackwater know that they are more at risk than pretty much everyone else in the military. They do it out of love for America and for Americans. Laying down your life for your countrymen is The most merciful thing anyone can possibly do. I could go on and on and on about this, but those who get it don’t need me to explain, and those who don’t get it won’t be convinced by any explanation.

There are those who view Blackwater as toxic masculinity. Funny how the leftists who complain about toxic masculinity never seem bothered by Bill Clinton or Hunter Biden. They only attack men who are actually protecting innocent people. They only attack men who probably don’t vote democrat.

Those who hate Blackwater hate America. They hate all good American men because they know that America cannot survive without good men. Feminists are idiots and the Bill Clinton types who pander to them are weasels.

In other words, those who attack the men who join Blackwater suck.


5 thoughts on “No Greater Love: Blackwater Operatives are Merciful…

  1. I think I should be proud of my work with Blackwater but there seems to be a bad smell around Mr. Eric Prince’s merry band of fools. I think antifa gets more love; go figure.

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