China’s 2024 Threat To Indian Democracy

How China has disrupted elections in many democracies in the past and how it threatens Indian general elections in 2024. It is not just India, it could be any free nation. The choice is yours, act or perish. Read my (@InsightGL) latest article which became a smashing hit soon after publication:

Who Is Rocking Imran Khan’s Boat?  

Almost two years ago, I had written the highly successful but controversial article — “Is Pakistan Heading For Another Dictatorship.” Many people, including Pakistanis, objected to the articles’ findings, stating that in modern-day Pakistan, there is no place for a coup. I had explained to them how this modern-day dictatorship would play out. The present-day … Continue reading Who Is Rocking Imran Khan’s Boat?  


Pakistani Chief of Army Staff: General Qamar Javed Bajwa – Picture Courtesy Arab News Pakistan takes solace in dictatorship every decade or so since it came into existence. The last dictatorship of Gen. Parvez Musharaf ended in 2008. Since then, Pakistan has been fighting for its democracy to survive. But today, the atmosphere doesn’t look … Continue reading IS PAKISTAN HEADING FOR ANOTHER DICTATORSHIP