Today every free country is looking at China in disbelief. The CPC and XI Jinping have opened up a number of fronts, more than they can afford. China faces humongous challenges in the aftermath of the pandemic. Unemployment is going through the ceiling, and demonstrations against the government are on the rise. PLA veterans are dissatisfied, and Wuhan citizens are still looking for millions of missing relatives. Anger amongst Uighur is likely to implode anytime soon, and Tibetans are ready to move beyond peaceful demonstrations. Hong Kong is on the boil. Indian and Taiwanese forces are at the highest alert.

So what could be better than giving a call for ’Pax Sinica’. Taking the nationalism to such heights that citizens give up their anger and pain and look up to the leadership in awe.

These methods may work within China but among other nations it has provoked strong anti-China emotions. The fault lines in the Chinese armour are visible to all and ready for the exploitation.

Continue reading my article on CHANAKYA FORUM India’s Leading Think-Tank Forum on Geological and Defence Matters: https://chanakyaforum.org/time-to-exploit-deceptive-chinas-fault-lines


    1. Hi Sandomina 🙂 I posted a comment on the Chanakya Forum website, but it isn’t showing up yet, but it was posted-it’s probably waiting for approval 🙂

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  1. With pleasure, @sandyinsights! In your observations, have you encountered any person/entity that also recognizes these ‘fault lines’ – and is committed to expanding them? Your clarity makes them hard to ignore. With thanks, as always.

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  2. The PLA only has experience going up against unarmed citizens of China. They will find armed, trained, and uniformed soldiers of forein powers are a lot more difficult to defeat.

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