Sleeping in the Bat Cave

I should probably mention just a bit about some of the peculiar aspects of living as an expat in rural Costa Rica First a word of warning: The local guys were not always incredibly excited about some foreigner moving into their turf and sleeping with all of their women. If you had lots of personality, … Continue reading Sleeping in the Bat Cave

Virga Joy (or the Adventures of El Colonel De Corona) – Redux

Written by Douglas Kimball Publisher Description Colin Campbell is developing the first black pepper plantation in the West Indies. His days are spent clearing jungle, planting and fighting vipers. His nights are spent playing jazz piano at a local bar and enjoying the company of the local ladies. He meets Alan Greene at a jazz … Continue reading Virga Joy (or the Adventures of El Colonel De Corona) – Redux


On Tucker Carlson tonight, at least two female doctors who took the vaccine reported changes in their menstrual cycles afterward. When these doctors started talking about this on the internet, other women came forward reporting the same symptoms. No one under the age of 60 or 70 should be getting this vaccine. The idea that … Continue reading Resist