_Virga Joy_: A Review (By Request) Redux

I can finally tear myself away from re-reading it long enough to post a review of Virga Joy, a seamless collaboration by the unbeatable tag-team of Douglas Kimball and our own Simon Templar. (I had a chance to enjoy this book in an online serialization prior to publication, and bought it on its release date.) … Continue reading _Virga Joy_: A Review (By Request) Redux

Winning the Peace (Ch. 4) Redux

Winning the Peace (WTP and/or WP – Willy Pete?), and the FAOs in the program are organized within each partner nation similarly to an infantry platoon reinforced. Platoon commander (O-5), platoon sergeant (E-8), corpsman, radio telephone operator (RTOs), squad leaders (O-4), fire team leaders (O-3), and grunts (enlisted advisors). The total number of individuals deployed … Continue reading Winning the Peace (Ch. 4) Redux

Discover My Adopted Home Town, Chiang Rai, Thailand Redux

In other words, some of you will have seen this OP before. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not the larger and better known city of Chiang Mai, but Chiang Rai, in Northern Thailand deserves your attention. I am a retired USMC infantry officer and have seen more than a few interesting places, some of which I even liked. One … Continue reading Discover My Adopted Home Town, Chiang Rai, Thailand Redux