One of the Things I Love About New England….

Is the relative lack of creepy crawly things. As a general rule, the scariest bugs in my corner of the world are hornets. I grew up with them, I am used to them, I have never been stung, and pray God that trend continues! I was fantasizing about moving to Florida, until I learned on … Continue reading One of the Things I Love About New England….

Ah Ha!

It took a long time but I have finally figgered out how the Left (American and international) can keep on calling Trump a “fascist”. Here are the hallmarks of fascism: Centralized autocratic government. Trump didn’t expand federal power; during the height of the pandemic he was excoriated for refusing to usurp the power of the … Continue reading Ah Ha!

Winning the Peace (Ch. 5) Redux

A feel good but secondary mission is to promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the citizens of the various Partner Nations. Winning the Peace (WtP) Foreign Area Officers (FAOs) may support when feasible, freedom of religion with the end-state being that a Muslim could convert to Christianity and not face death for … Continue reading Winning the Peace (Ch. 5) Redux

Preface: LtCol S.x MacTemplar -Shadow Warrior

Where to begin? It seems that war is just too big of a topic for Hollywood to handle in 90-110 minutes. Go figure. I know I can’t do it justice in 300-plus pages, either, but it will be more accurate than anything Hollywood can dish up. I suspect what people want from Hollywood is to … Continue reading Preface: LtCol S.x MacTemplar -Shadow Warrior