Saint Joan of Arc: Setting the Record Straight

Today, May 30th, is the feast day of Saint Joan of Arc. I grew up Catholic, and a Catholic school near my childhood home is named for Joan of Arc, so she always loomed large in my mind, which is to say, I couldn't stand her. The idea of a woman going into battle at … Continue reading Saint Joan of Arc: Setting the Record Straight

The Strata of Grief

Almost a year and a half since my sister died. Seven and a half years since the disease made its entrance. Fear. (Mine, I mean.) Those seven years were blighted by it. The anxiety every time she had follow-up tests, the relief at a good report. I didn’t think of it this way then, I … Continue reading The Strata of Grief

Can Black Progressives Be Swayed? (Redux)

Who has been more coddled than African-Americans during the last half century?

ST UnWoked & UnVaxxed!

The ‘conversation’ below occurred when Obama (AKA” Dear Leader) was in office and undermining our Constitution. Please enjoy this time capsule.

Seeking advice. A progressive colleague approached me a couple of years ago to ask about various conservative ideas; and since then, we’ve been having a running e-mail debate. I have tried to explain what and why I believe, but am beginning to think that this is hopeless. My colleague is intelligent, well educated, and well informed. I had hoped to bring him around to our point of view. Now it feels like mission impossible. Lately his responseshave turned“a bit” nasty. Please read just one of our many (colorful) exchanges and help me to decide if I am near a breakthroughor is it time to throw in the towel? Frankly, I’ve about had it.

BEGIN COLLEAGUE’S E-MAIL: Good to hear from you brother. I am going to address each of…

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Before Woke II

In June 2005, Jensen assumed command of Expeditionary Strike Group Three and deployed in 2006 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom. During this deployment, he twice served as Commander Task Force 158, commanding all Coalition Naval and Marine forces operating in the North Persian Gulf and Iraqi territorial waters. Further, he served as Commander Task Force 59, leading the Joint … Continue reading Before Woke II