February 2: Ordinary Time

That’s the liturgical season that comes after Epiphany, which ends today, February 2. We all know “ordinary” means quotidian, uninteresting. But it also means ..basic, reliable, and relating to a duty attached to one’s office or station in life. F’rinstance, it used to refer to the standard bill of fare of an inn or restaurant. … Continue reading February 2: Ordinary Time

Time To Reduce Dependence On China

-My latest video covers all important “Rare Earth Elements” -How the USA gave up its dominant position -China took the lead & blackmailed other nations -India started very early in 1950 but didn't realize the criticality of this field (To turn the English subtitles on pause the video and press the double CC symbol on … Continue reading Time To Reduce Dependence On China

No Greater Love: Blackwater Operatives are Merciful…

And they deserve our everlasting gratitude. The men who volunteer to join Blackwater know that they are more at risk than pretty much everyone else in the military. They do it out of love for America and for Americans. Laying down your life for your countrymen is The most merciful thing anyone can possibly do. … Continue reading No Greater Love: Blackwater Operatives are Merciful…

Winning the Peace (Ch. 4) Redux

Winning the Peace (WTP and/or WP – Willy Pete?), and the FAOs in the program are organized within each partner nation similarly to an infantry platoon reinforced. Platoon commander (O-5), platoon sergeant (E-8), corpsman, radio telephone operator (RTOs), squad leaders (O-4), fire team leaders (O-3), and grunts (enlisted advisors). The total number of individuals deployed … Continue reading Winning the Peace (Ch. 4) Redux