Murder He Wrote

Did you ever get into an endless, eventually tiresome discussion about the Adam and Eve story? To me, it doesn’t make sense that they coulda sinned since they didn’t know good from evil until AFTER they ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil…and then you get into the whole thing … Continue reading Murder He Wrote

No, We Are NOT a “nation of immigrants”, and coming here for “a better life” is Shadow-chasing!

The two phrases in quotation marks are ones I wish we would ban from public discourse. if your father, or grandfather, did time in prison, dies that make YOU a “convict”? Do not give me this ‘We’re all immigrants” bromide. Oh and, what about “They just want a better life”? Yeah, well, good luck and … Continue reading No, We Are NOT a “nation of immigrants”, and coming here for “a better life” is Shadow-chasing!


Original OP published 3 December 2020: Browsing American Thinker this morning, as is my wont , I clicked on the link to New England Journal of Medicine wherein they concluded that, even in a hospital setting, universal masking is largely “talismanic”. But it now appears with a banner disclaimer at the top to the effect … Continue reading E-Mask-ulated

You Can’t Make Me Do it!!

Does anybody else notice what I thought everybody calls the “side boob”:when you’re online? Little photos that give strange commands and promise to explain “Here’s why” you should follow them. Like “Always carry a crayon in your wallet when you travel! Here’s why..” “Always put tinfoil on your doorknob at night! Here’s why: “ “Pour … Continue reading You Can’t Make Me Do it!!


Wellsir! DiSantis just took himself riiiiight outta 2024 by signing that law prohibiting abortion after 6 weeks. SIX weeks. I mean , I’m somebody who felt maybe the 12 week period in Roe could be shortened, now that anybody can find out she’s pregnant the day she misses her period by peeing on a cheap … Continue reading End-Ron