For Ettes and Ettes-Ceterae

“Nap”dresses: have you heard of ’em? They are apparently the hottest item going these days. And their main feature, the ONE thing they all have, is elastic smocking. The summer ones look style-wise like Little House on the Prairie costumes. but they come in velvet, too. Elastic-smocked velvet. Maybe theyre the mini-skirts of today, their … Continue reading For Ettes and Ettes-Ceterae

Out From Under

I think, maybe, it’s beginning to occur to people that whites, or ”the west” , does not and never did have a monopoly on colonization and conquest. What took ‘em so long? is what I wanna know! Mesopotamia, India, China, Egypt, Africa: they were all doin’ it very efficiently and on a grand scale ,for … Continue reading Out From Under


….to the now de rigeur designation of ”preferred pronouns” in online communications. Hypatia henceforward may—nay, must— be referred to in the second-person subject and object as “ my lady” or, more formally, ”her grace” (possessives: “my lady’s”, ”her grace’s”—and do not under any circumstances omit the apostrohes; that betrays a woeful lack of education, as … Continue reading “We”Capitulate