A Quarter Century….

..today, since my father died. This is really depressing, when your parents have been dead that long already. He was a big man, a large presence, unfailingly kind, a doctor, a lay minister, a philanthropist, handsome, splendid. Readers, I wish you could have known him. Everyone who did was happier for the experience. Memoro.


If you’re not religious, it occurs to me on this first anniversary of bereavement, you don’t have to ask WHY?!?! There is no why and you know that. There is only biology. We are finite organisms programmed to self-destruct at a certain point. If we get the three score and ten, we’re lucky. I know … Continue reading Grief

A Song in the Air

I’m wakey early on this good Christmas morn. I reckon Simon will just be sitting down (or lying down😜) to his Christmas feast, halfway around the world, and for some members of our far-flung readership, the day may be over already. I never could grok the international dateline thing. But here in NEPA the eastern … Continue reading A Song in the Air

Mis En Seine

My kind  husband woke me at 7 this morning —with coffee!—so I could see our departure from Rouen.  It was pitch dark then; now I’m sitting by our picture window at the stern, watching the heavily wooded banks of the Seine, their white limestone cliffs,  slide by as we head for Les Andelys.(The limestone is … Continue reading Mis En Seine