Body Mess Index

All my life I’ve been dieting. I’ve had times of being reeeely overweight, but most of the time, for years now, my weight has been pretty stable: it’s just to keep pounds from accumulating as they would do, as they do, if I just eat ‘n’ drink all I want. I am not thin, never … Continue reading Body Mess Index

Aerial Treasure Ships?

In the 15th century, China had a fleet of huge, ornate ships. They weren’t built for speed or war,n they were an ostentatious display of luxury and opulence. They were much bigger than the practical craft which carried the European explorers on their voyages of discovery. They were floating advertisements for trade with China, a … Continue reading Aerial Treasure Ships?


“Neither with praise not with blame shall ye judge the poor farmer”…begins Christopher LaFarge’s novel in verse, Hoxsie Sells His Acres (1934), and continues “Praise not nor blame not,—but try to recapture the essence, Tell your children the story, explain the elusive Troublesome thing that gives to each word that they utter Something of quality, … Continue reading Elegy

The Doctors’ Plot and “Kill all the lawyers!”

Being a professional in America used to be a very cool thing. It was never that way in the Olde Countrie: doctors were just tradesmen who had to enter the great houses through the servants’ entrance, and lawyers, divided into barristers and solicitors, didn’t enjoy high status either. Look at Sydney Carton in the first … Continue reading The Doctors’ Plot and “Kill all the lawyers!”

A Quarter Century…., since my father died. This is really depressing, when your parents have been dead that long already. He was a big man, a large presence, unfailingly kind, a doctor, a lay minister, a philanthropist, handsome, splendid. Readers, I wish you could have known him. Everyone who did was happier for the experience. Memoro.