By Request, “Introducing… Simon Templar!”

My Inspiration for this post. Greetings ST, 'Ettes, 'Sieurs, and All! His Graciously Unleashedness/Unwokeness has asked yours truly to reflect on his transformation from an "international man of mystery" (IMOM) to an instantly recognizable man of action/raconteur known as: "Simon Templar". Therewith comes a tale. Let me say at the outset that simplicity suits the … Continue reading By Request, “Introducing… Simon Templar!”

Driving to Costa Rica on the Road Less Traveled

Although this isn’t exactly where it all began, before I was dodging and/or killing some of the most deadly snakes in the Western Hemisphere, I decided to drive rather than fly to Costa Rica. I mark the beginning of this adventure in the epicenter of the Redneck Riviera: Panama City, Florida, where I purchased a four-wheel-drive Nissan … Continue reading Driving to Costa Rica on the Road Less Traveled

Mis En Seine

My kind  husband woke me at 7 this morning —with coffee!—so I could see our departure from Rouen.  It was pitch dark then; now I’m sitting by our picture window at the stern, watching the heavily wooded banks of the Seine, their white limestone cliffs,  slide by as we head for Les Andelys.(The limestone is … Continue reading Mis En Seine

Caux Conspirators

Caux  (kō, as you know)  is what this region of Normandy is called. We’re in a town called Caudebec, only has about 2500 people, but lots of festively decorated shops and a splendid  Gothic church , which miraculously was spared the German bombs—even its oldest stained glass, which fortunately had been shipped off to Provence … Continue reading Caux Conspirators

Love of Monet

Thick fog on the Seine  last night: twice when I woke it was like being in a plane, I couldn’t see anything outside our windows.  When we woke up we were docked at Vernon.  This town is across the river from Giverny. Monet couldn’t afford the rent in Vernon so he stayed over there. Look … Continue reading Love of Monet

Preface: LtCol S.x MacTemplar -Shadow Warrior

Where to begin? It seems that war is just too big of a topic for Hollywood to handle in 90-110 minutes. Go figure. I know I can’t do it justice in 300-plus pages, either, but it will be more accurate than anything Hollywood can dish up. I suspect what people want from Hollywood is to … Continue reading Preface: LtCol S.x MacTemplar -Shadow Warrior

For ST: An Homage to “Lt. Dangerous” — ST Unleashed!

[Note: The original incarnation of ST’s classic tale involving “Lt. Dangerous” is not currently in my possession, sadly. What follows is a synopsis by a grateful reader. ~D’NP] Howdy ST, ‘Ettes, ‘Sieurs, and All! Various conversations here in the past week or so have brought me to recall with pleasure early encounters with the humor […] … Continue reading For ST: An Homage to “Lt. Dangerous” — ST Unleashed!

Deed Man Walking (last of x)

How Say You? All metrics traditionally relevant wouldindicate that HOAs have the power topreserve existing single-family detacheddwelling communities. They represent awealthy, diversified, large and exponentiallyincreasing demographic. Additionally, whilepaying lip service to freedom of use, enjoyment and alienation of real property, decisional law in our commonwealth to dategenerally enforces restrictive covenants.As to the question posed in … Continue reading Deed Man Walking (last of x)

Deed Man Walking (5 of x)

Home(s) of the Brave?In Pennsylvania, there are over 6,800homeowners associations. Residents pay$2.5 billion a year to maintain theircommunities. Homes in communityassociations are generally valued at least4% more than other single-family homes.And 47,000 Pennsylvanians serve as volunteers on the boards of HOAs (in caseyou’ve ever wondered what happened toall the student council officers you knewin high … Continue reading Deed Man Walking (5 of x)

Deed Men Walkin: Back then, individual home ownership was the solution; presently, it is often seen as problem.

But if R-1 zoning is moribund, what aboutresidential “planned communities”? Theyhave an inner redoubt: the declaration ofcovenants, easements and restrictions to The Pennsylvania Lawyer 37 May/June 2022which all owners contractually agree, andthe provisions of which are referenced inevery deed: large lots, one single-familydwelling per lot, no other uses involvinggreater density nor, heaven forfend, anybusiness or … Continue reading Deed Men Walkin: Back then, individual home ownership was the solution; presently, it is often seen as problem.