Winning the Peace: Defined.

Our current “strategy” seems to be designed to make Iraq a vassal state of Iran while spending over a trillion dollars to improve the infrastructure in Afghanistan before turning it back over to the Taliban. I haven’t seen it written so succinctly anywhere but that is sorta kinda how it looks from my bunker here … Continue reading Winning the Peace: Defined.

Preface: 50 Shades of Simon – Redux

Where to begin? It seems that war is just too big of a topic for Hollywood to handle in 90-110 minutes. Go figure. I know I can’t do it justice in 300-plus pages, either, but it will be more accurate than anything Hollywood can dish up. I suspect what people want from Hollywood is to … Continue reading Preface: 50 Shades of Simon – Redux

Almost Heaven

foot massage My gf (at the time) and owner of this massage studio is on her knees in the white shirt. She is of the Lisu Hill Tribe and lost her baby brother when he was 3-4 years old. She said, in a nut shell, he died because they were poor. Americans have no idea … Continue reading Almost Heaven

Good Morning from the Land of Smiles

In the country of my birth my views are intolerable and my existence is unacceptable. Change my mind.


Courtesy: Pixabay In ancient Indian history, the Brahmastra is a supernatural weapon used in the war of Mahabharata. When discharged, it creates a fierce fireball, which destroys all trees, oceans, and animals. The sky surrounds with flame, glaciers melt and mountains shatter. Not a single blade of grass ever grows in that area, no rainfall for 12 … Continue reading CHAOS DOCTRINE: INDIA’S BRAHMASTRA AGAINST CHINA

North Star

There is but one immutable guiding light. Forever fixed in the heavens - it does not, cannot rise or set. The North Star is the pilgrims guide to knowledge. Follow your beacon without fear through good and bad. If you remain steadfast and humble in seeking wisdom, she will lead to peace, love, meaning, purpose, … Continue reading North Star

Saving Our Lives (in ‘Nam) – Redux by ST

I don’t know any men who served in VietNam. Because I had an intimate working-class friend, I did make the acquaintance of one or two of them briefly. But of the doctors and lawyers I know, my circle: no. My title is a reference to a tag line from the immediate post VietNam era: “He … Continue reading Saving Our Lives (in ‘Nam) – Redux by ST