Preface: 50 Shades of Simon – Redux

Where to begin? It seems that war is just too big of a topic for Hollywood to handle in 90-110 minutes. Go figure. I know I can’t do it justice in 300-plus pages, either, but it will be more accurate than anything Hollywood can dish up. I suspect what people want from Hollywood is to … Continue reading Preface: 50 Shades of Simon – Redux

Almost Heaven

foot massage My gf (at the time) and owner of this massage studio is on her knees in the white shirt. She is of the Lisu Hill Tribe and lost her baby brother when he was 3-4 years old. She said, in a nut shell, he died because they were poor. Americans have no idea … Continue reading Almost Heaven

Good Morning from the Land of Smiles

In the country of my birth my views are intolerable and my existence is unacceptable. Change my mind.

Ideal Age of One’s Mistress

Could it be the translators of our ancient Chinese dirty old man, AKA the Chinkanator, pulled one of their early sinos-infections on the patriarchy by intentionally misintrprteing minus to plus? What if Chinkanator's advice on this topic was half your age minus seven? Wouldn' that make more sense? I'm fixing to do some more research … Continue reading Ideal Age of One’s Mistress

Thought You’d Gone Crazy or Something

That’s what my younger brother (then 15 years old) said to me (16, dangerous with a car and drivers license) after my dip in the lake. One summer we both got jobs on the local 9 hole public golf course. $1.25 an hour and we were worth almost every penny of it. The course manager … Continue reading Thought You’d Gone Crazy or Something

Quick Note: Haakon “Hawk” Dahl’s Current Per Diem: $367.00 plus salary.

He is probably getting a tax free family seperation allowance as well. Win-Win! A US Navy Reservist 'temporarily' activated to serve in Washington DC (also the cities of Alexandria, Falls Church and Fairfax, and the counties of Arlington and Fairfax, in Virginia; and the counties of Montgomery and Prince George's in Maryland) is given a … Continue reading Quick Note: Haakon “Hawk” Dahl’s Current Per Diem: $367.00 plus salary.

nCOVID-19 Alert Redux (originally posted 2 Feb 2020)

Something is not right. This very deadly virus originated from the same province within China where they also have a biological weapons type laboratory. It is late here and that is all I've got for now but you will be hearing more about this soon enough. China is suppressing the truth as per SOP and … Continue reading nCOVID-19 Alert Redux (originally posted 2 Feb 2020)