Pope Francis Strikes Again

During a recent trip to Malta, Pope Francis removed the Cross from the venue where he was appearing because he didn't want to offend Muslims. What you see in the background here are plastic water bottles, meant to call attention to environmental problems. I am speechless. I shouldn't be, at this point, but I am. … Continue reading Pope Francis Strikes Again

Sri Lanka: Some people did something.

Breaking news out of Sri Lanka is that there were churches and hotels bombed on Easter Sunday. I'm guessing that followers of mohammed are involved. My other guess is that the mohammedens that were not involved will have nothing to say about this. On the other hand the ChiComs way of dealing with their 'Islam … Continue reading Sri Lanka: Some people did something.

┬íMade in America: China’s Uighur Concentration Camps!

According to Georgetown University's Senior Research Fellow at the Bridge Initiative, Mobashra Tazamal, the Obama regime's Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States August 2011 released policy paper is what the ChiComs are using to justify re-education camps for Mohammedans. Ms. Tazamal also notes in this article published in Al Jazeera … Continue reading ┬íMade in America: China’s Uighur Concentration Camps!