This Makes Me so Angry

I know a veteran in his 90's who lives at this Soldier's home; he is a lovely gentleman. He was my parents' pharmacist for many years. Decades ago, when my Dad was in pain after a heart attack, he opened his pharmacy at an ungodly hour to make sure that my Dad could get his … Continue reading This Makes Me so Angry

Imagine? Really?

Ok, I have never really liked the song "Imagine". The idea of a Universe in which there is no heaven, above us only sky, has never appealed to me. Since the ChiComs released CoVid 19 upon the world, I have heard countless numbers of celebrities singing it: it seems to have become a kind of … Continue reading Imagine? Really?

Please, God, Bring Back The Patriarchy

Some effing commission that was appointed by Congress is going to recommend to Congress that women be included in registration for the draft. You can read about it here: The Pentagon has so far declined to comment. Numerous polls have shown that most women are opposed to making women register for the draft, but … Continue reading Please, God, Bring Back The Patriarchy