My Fave Advent Poem

“Softnesse, and peace, and joy, and love, and blisse, Exalted manna, gladnesse of the best, Heaven in ordinarie, man well-drest, The Milkie Way, the bird of Paradise, Church bells among the stars heard, the soul’s bloud, The land of spices; something understood.” These lines, dorm George Herbert’s poem Prayer, are of course not about Advent, … Continue reading My Fave Advent Poem

On LTC What’s His Face

This foxtrotting rent seeker has reclaimed his 15 minutes of fame and America is too stupid to live.

ST UnWoke!

A certain percentage (I will call them the 10%ers) of dudes join the military for a paycheck and the benefits only. I believe most of them join the Army. Some guys join for the right reason then become careerists once they realize they ain’t got the right stuff to compete with their peers but they have gotten attached to wearing the uniform. You will find few of these guys in the infantry. I bet our LTC has spent precious little time in what we called Victor Units – front line grunts.

Vindman (sp?) joined rent seeking and has played the game well. Most of these 10%ers find a rabbi as soon as they join, start kissing his arse and furiously (but with meaning) as soon as they find another 10% in a position above of authority.

And on and on it goes. This guy could and should be due for…

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..But Whereunto Shall I liken this Politician?

It had occurred to me, long before Dennis Prager took up the cudgel, that nearly all the Old Testament heroes, those Titans, are— oh what the…uh, heck, I haven’t got all day: what good Christians would call sinners, or more charitably, imperfect vessels. Jacob the trickster., David an adulterer and a murderer. . Gideon who … Continue reading ..But Whereunto Shall I liken this Politician?

Chinese Navy’s Advancements: Challenge Or Opportunity For India

The Chinese digital news outlet ‘The Paper’, recently published details of China State Shipbuilding Corporation’s display of a large number of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), unmanned surface vessels (USVs), and underwater gliders at the Zhuhai air show. These numbers exceeded those put up at any previous editions of the event that takes place every two … Continue reading Chinese Navy’s Advancements: Challenge Or Opportunity For India