Woman Tells AOC We Need to ‘Start Eating Babies’ to Save …
CNS News – 13 hours ago
‘We Need to Eat the Babies!’ Climate Activist Confronts AOC at …
YouTube – 16 hours ago
I watched AOC’s town hall meeting last night because I feel it’s important to know the enemy. And the woman who spoke here is obviously mentally deranged, but the fact that AOC bothered to respond to this insane diatribe as opposed to asking her security to remove her from the premises speaks volumes.

16 thoughts on “Madness

    1. Good question, but perhaps I prefer to think anyone suggesting cold-blooded murder of babies is not right in the head. The crowd at the Town Hall Meeting was a motley crew indeed, but even they were shocked and thankfully, this maniac was escorted out.

      If the GOP doesn’t capitalize on this holocaust, they deserve to lose 2020.

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  1. This is precisely why I *don’t* click/watch/read much that passes for “news” right now; it reminds me of the “bread and circuses” mentality that gets trotted out every couple thousand years or so. We’ve met the enemy – and he is us. (Thanks, Pogo!) Both sides of the aisle perpetuate this: One side by perpetrating it, the other by either ignoring it or taking the bait. This is not the country I live in…

    How widespread would this stuff – and the perception surrounding it, of a country gone mad – be if the clicking/watching/reading of The Big Four (plus a few) stopped? An interesting thought experiment…
    To paraphrase Timothy Leary: “Tune out. Turn off. And drop *in* to life around us.”

    I’m not saying: Bury your head in blissful ignorance…I look at AP and Reuters: if I can, as well, US Naval Institute News. Other suggestions for actual *content* with which to get smarter are, of course, welcome.

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  2. Nanda, I may have to disagree. I want the GOP to go after AOC and her gang full throttle. They are not only murderers but socialists. They are a legitimate threat and after all my hard work in life, I refuse to allow some PR immigrant to disrespect and dismantle the values of my Western ancestors and the Fabulous Founders.

    There are people who migrate (legally or illegally) to our country for a reason. I won’t allow them to recreate the circumstances from which they are fleeing.

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    1. The problem, Liz, is that the Repulsivecants are aiding and abetting the Demoncrats by their willingness to take the chum they toss, by the mouthful. I don’t trust the current occupants of Congress to achieve anything close to taking the country back. I haven’t been party-affiliated since May of ’16. Because I live in “flyover country” and am surrounded by the Country Class, I don’t have to rely on the 4th or 5th Estate to shape my perceptions. I pity bi-coastal America.

      Immigration, actually, is an area where you and I vehemently *agree*. I was reacting to the non-stop frenzy-machine that media on both ends of the spectrum has become, and to the spinelessness of those who’re supposed to be putting forward ‘the people’s business”. It’s disgusting.


      1. “The problem, Liz, is that the Repulsivecants are aiding and abetting the Demoncrats by their willingness to take the chum they toss, by the mouthful. I don’t trust the current occupants of Congress to achieve anything close to taking the country back.”

        Cannot disagree here but that doesn’t mean I’m going down without a fight. I just contacted my Jax Trump advisor and expressed my concerns. I can go down and dirty as the next socialist but I’ll look respectable and well-groomed doing so!

        I love the Don and will work as hard as I can to get him re-elected. As I mentioned earlier, I can relate to his most difficult demographic- white, suburban women. I’m determined to knock some sense into their heads!

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  3. …AOC and “The Squad” are, indeed, revolting – and need to be fought. I was coming at it from a somewhat different angle initially. This being immersed in admittedly-slanted information overload “Eight Days A Week” can’t be good – and shouldn’t stand, either.


  4. Honestly, I’m excited because I believe in my president and totally relate to openly competitive businessmen who refuse to allow their country to take second place!


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  5. While you’re giving the folks in JAX good reason to go “all in” here, Liz, how about it if I (and a great many like-minded folks) support you with something like this – from the grassroots on up:

    ” If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” [2 Chronicles 7:14, KJV]


  6. That is a logical assumption and one that many believe, but I wonder how this crazed diatribe helped the cause?
    Many in that very “Green” audience were appalled.

    But then I speak of logic in the same sentence with “green” ….

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