Operation SEARCHLIGHT Redux

Bengali rape victim

The Pakistani soldiers sent to ‘liberate’ Bangladesh were under orders to purify the country by impregnating the Bengali women with “muslim fetuses.”

The woman in the photo may have been fortunate in that someone for some reason appears to be trying to save her.

The Pakistan military set up ‘rape camps’ in which women were serially raped for months to both degrade their culture and for troop morale. The women who survived the rape camps were considered defiled and without status. Many were killed.

Here as in East Timor we have proof positive of muslims conducting genocide in the modern era, but only Israel and America are bad.

Next: The Rape of Nanking.

63 thoughts on “Operation SEARCHLIGHT Redux

      1. I hear you, but I disagree. Some Americans do feel entitled, obviously, but in most cases, Americans are just too trusting. Most Americans are decent people, and they assume that everybody else is too. Well, past tense, assumed. The truth is becoming clear now.

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        1. Don’t worry, Simon. We will figure it out. We will not stand by and do nothing while America falls. We won’t go down without a fight, and I don’t think we are going to go down at all. I don’t need to tell you this, but working class Americans are not powerless, and we far outnumber the Ruling class. This isn’t over, not by a long shot.

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        2. You are right. That is how they see us. But how they see us doesn’t matter. How we see them is what matters. There are far more of us than there are of them. Ultimately, we are the ones in charge.

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      2. “Americans became too entitled.”

        And too complacent with respect to the longevity of the post-WWII “Pax Americana” as similar to the ancient “Pax Romana”, perhaps?

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      3. “Americans became too entitled.”

        Don’t disagree but we should all be aware this kind of criminal assault goes on in our own inner cities as well but of course our reaction is to de-fund the police force.

        Frankly, Simon, this was one of the most horrifying pictures I have ever seen but I have always been cognizant of the brutality women suffer in the Middle East. I have been criticized before for my blatant hatred of Muslim culture and I don’t care one whit. I’ve never forgiven George W. Bush (who I actually liked) for allowing a Grand Mufti to stand alongside a rabbi, priest and minister during the 9/11 memorial service at the National Cathedral. Inappropriate doesn’t even begin to describe that scenario; I was appalled.

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        1. Whoever penned the phrase “religion of peace” should have been taken out back and shot by one of the Marines on deck that day.


      1. No question, ST….God help them; and forgive our feckless (lack of) truth-telling and leadership on at least a couple of fronts. Change my heart and mind. (P.S. “Liking” your additional comment means I appreciate the added context, and your reply.)

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  1. “I am beginning to picture in my mind how Joe Foxtrotting Biden sees himself as still winning.”

    What goes up must come down./Spinnin’ wheels got ta go ’round.

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      1. I meant that JRB is surrounded by sycophants, who keep spinning this debacle as a win; he and his cadre see me as an irrelevance, to be ignored/disposed of, actually.

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        1. I think people already have learned, Nanda. 84% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of Afghanistan. Lara Logan was on Tucker Carlson tonight: she said she has been speaking to numerous democrats who say that they are deeply ashamed and deeply regret having voted for Biden. We have learned, finally. It is just a matter of what we do with this knowledge that is new to many of us.

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    1. Sigh. You had to bring that up didn’t you? 🙂 I will this this in my defense: Trump totally would have retained his office if the election hadn’t been stolen. I wasn’t wrong when I said that he would win, I just didn’t foresee the election being stolen. Trump did, in fact, win. I wasn’t totally wrong, and I definitely wasn’t wrong about whom Americans would elect.

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    1. What is happening right now is America learning the hard way. People are learning. That is cold comfort, but cold comfort is better than no comfort at all. Afghanistan had to be plunged into total horror for the Americans who did not vote for Trump to finally see the light. We had to witness the Ruling Class abandoning American citizens to that horror in order for Americans who did not vote for Trump to see the light. But, if they do see the light now, and many of them do, then there is a great deal of hope.

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        1. I have a mind like a sieve. I don’t remember ever talking with you about guys before, but I forget stuff like that all the time 🙂 I am curious now, though, about what I said 🙂

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        2. Nope, I have never been all that interested in football players. I was into hockey players, until I discovered Marines and Blackwater operatives, Lol 🙂

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        3. I am totally joking about hockey players 🙂 I always kind of had a crush on hockey players, and I went on a couple of dates with a couple of hockey players, but I never actually met a hockey player that I was interested in. I liked the idea of hockey players more than the hockey players I met-they were fine, there was nothing wrong with them, I just found them boring.

          Marines and Blackwater operatives are rarely boring 🙂 Not that I have known that many of them, lol, I am joking 🙂 I have known several Marines, and they were all really cool guys. Simon is the only Blackwater operative I have ever really known 🙂

          I don’t know why I am going on like this, I think maybe I should have my once every years alcoholic drink 🙂

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    1. LOL 🙂 The vague crush I had on hockey players was never strong enough for me to actually watch a hockey game. I have only watched one hockey game in my entire life-one of my friends dragged me to one in Alaska once. I have no idea who Sydney Crosby is, and have never even heard of the Penguins before, but that is such a cute name for a hockey team 🙂

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