Strike China and Save the World: Part 1 – The Timing 

Employing force to contain aggression is a well-known strategy. The timely dominance of an aggressor can save a nation from a very painful future. India has seen this first hand in the last 1000 years or so. In the recent past too, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, people thought that the concept of war had lost its relevance. However, this fallacy has been failing human beings time and again. The end of World War I & II also gave similar hopes. This notion stems from the fact that the human being is a peaceful creature. However, this fact may not stand the test of time when it comes to communism. The very existence of communism is based on violence. And before we forget, let me remind you, China is a communist country.

Here I present to you my latest series of articles on the topic of how to deal with China & Xi Jinping, exploit their vulnerabilities, burst the myth of their strengths, be proactive, and take the war to their step.

Continue reading the full analysis on India’s leading think-tank organization ‘Chanakya Forum’:

23 thoughts on “Strike China and Save the World: Part 1 – The Timing 

  1. I really want to see the MEU level Exercise SHATRUJEET turned back on. Both our countries would benefit immensely from this multidimensional (AKA: joint combined) level training alongside one another’s military. At this time, (combat arms) mil-to-mil engagements need to be at that level (USMC infantry battalion reinforced) and above between our two nations.

    Semper Fi

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  2. The bickering over political ideologies is useless.

    China is a communist country. Who cares?

    Everything, EVERYTHING, has changed with the rollout of the Virus-Cyber-Climate Hoax Regime out of Davos in 2020.

    The Chinese Politburo does NOT advocate for people to get vaccinated. They openly state it is the decision of the individual. Furthermore, China does not have any vaccine mandates implemented at any level of their social, recreational, employment or other systems. VACCINE MANDATES DON’T EXIST THERE!!!

    America is a communist country, the difference is, our duplicitous, oven-tier leadership hasn’t publicly told us yet.

    The FinkleThink about communism being this evil looming threat is very very stale.

    During the Cold War, the primary piece of bait used to explain to us (I was in elementary school during the 80s) is that the Russians (used interchangeably with Soviets) were COMMUNISTS and COMMUNISTS were evil, satanist, dangerous, the worst thing that exists in this world…. COMMUNISM IS THE ENEMY!!!

    That was all absolute BULL5HIT.

    It was within the same time period that the United States – and all of the Neo-Liberal West – openly called to “Free Nelson Mandela” in the “racist/”Apartheid”/evil Nazi” nation of South Africa that was “stolen from Africans by Nazi/KKK/HITLER/etc people.

    The narrative was that Nelson Mandela was being held as a political prisoner because HE WAS BLACK. The captives were RACISTS.

    Truth? Yeah, Nelson Mandela is a COMMUNIST. Wait, what? No, that’s correct. Nelson Mandela led the COMMUNIST PARTY to obtain political leadership in South Africa.

    Communists? Russia vs. South Africa? Hmmm…

    I get it, so White communists are the enemy.
    Black communists are the heroes.


    All the while the Cold War was in it’s twilight and the world called for freeing Nelson Mandela…the diversity agenda began to hit the public school education system.

    Diversity is our greatest strength. That’s why we are reminded of this every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every week of every month of every year of every decade….

    If our instinctual reaction to diversity being “our greatest strength” was a reality, why would we need to be reminded of this via bombardment of propaganda, at the aforementioned frequency?


    I challenge anyone to illustrate any “strength” gained by diversity.

    Forced, dishonest harmony in place of honest conflict – that’s the diversity agenda.

    “Diversity Training” – says it all!!

    What is the need for training? If it’s naturally the preference of people? Right? Greatest strength? Why would training be necessary?

    The globophilanthrocapitalist system is what brought the Globohomogayplex into America.

    Russia has been castigated as the enemy of America since the end of the second World War because the two countries are the largest, White, Christian nations on the planet. If the two countries were allies, this would be extremely bad for the Greater Israel Project and for the military industrial complex.

    Look at Cold War 2.0 with the so-called “communist” China. Whether an actual hot war ever broke out – or it remains a decades long cold war…it is all a rouse….it’s a rouse to keep the defense budget spending flowing into the coffers of the companies that are awarded contractual guarantees via legislation, on an eternal laundry list of weapons to build, etc.

    It doesn’t matter if there is an actual war. It doesn’t even matter if there is an actual adversary.

    American government leadership is THE ENEMY.

    You see, in China, the citizens are made aware by their government about the fact they are under a social credit system, that there is censorship, that there is a highly advanced surveillance apparatus watching every single movement of every single person.

    The difference is that in America – all of the same things are happening only – OUR “LEADERS” HAVEN’T REVEALED THIS REALITY TO YOU.

    China is a civilizational state. They weigh their Chinese race, heritage, ancestry in defining their identity. They are Chinese. This aspect, a national identity, is first and foremost to China before any and all other matters. China is an industrial economic powerhouse and is building the Belt and Road Initiative, a massive infrastructure implementation project that has already begun to stimulate a new, shared, prosperous economic reality for China, more importantly, for the nearly 80+ countries that are benefiting from the massive infrastructure project.

    America is a borderless, raceless, genderless cosmopolitan debt-laden hellscape. Gender pronouns and arbitrarily diagnosed behavioral health conditions are the only thing we build in this post-nation. Oh, and we have racism.

    Remember, Racism is a GRIFT. It’s an industry. A business. There are hundreds of billions of dollars that are exchanged as charitable contributions annually to not-for-profit entities, foundations, etc to “end racism.”



    America is a country that

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      1. My mother’s youngest brother was in Patton’s march during WWII. He never talked about what he saw. He was one of the many silent heroes with the strength to start a new life and refuse to be a victim to the old one. Our soldiers went through hell and some have never escaped their past. Many died to protect our liberties. And for what? Now we have a warm body sitting in the oval office that signs what is put in front of it, one that happens to own its soul to China.

        All the efforts to protect liberty crashed before our eyes when we discovered that our children and grandchildren have been indoctrinated into socialism/communism for 50 years. By the 1980’s, it took two people to make a living, and we were too busy to see what indoctrinators were teaching our children. As we were told by the leader of the USSR; “we will destroy you from within.” China has taken the torch and run with it.

        From my perspective, there are few truly “free” countries left in the world. China appears to me to be a patient predator who waits until its prey is exhausted before striking. America is exhausted from her inner battles. The future that I see will depend greatly upon people with the ethics and strength of our forebearers, and the assistance of other countries who don’t want a new (communist) world order.

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        1. Funny you mention that.

          China, along with Russia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon (under Hezbollah control), Belarus and Venezuela are the ONLY countries resisting a true One World Order.

          America, the America you once knew – is long, LONG gone.

          America has no national identity for it’s ethos has been drained and diluted by endless swarms of mass migration from foreign lands.

          America’s leadership is a rouse, there is no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties when it comes to extending the PATRIOT Act or granting $4 billion annually to Israel.

          Our government is complicit with a mass media apparatus that literally sticks their finger in our face and LIES, OBFUSCATES, CONFLATES, MINCES WORDS & FABRICATES the reality of what is happening around us.

          Your government HATES YOU.

          Your last election was STOLEN FROM YOU.

          The Department of Homeland Security is MONITORING YOU RIGHT NOW.


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  3. …”a country that “..what? Muuunyayo, did somebody throw a hood over your head as you were typing? You OK?
    “Diversity is chaos”— truer words were never spoken.
    But ya lost me with “Greater Israel Project”. Y’mean, like , Jews having a traditionally recognized homeland? Elucidate?

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    1. Yes, Jews have a traditionally recognized homeland. If you can find history that hasn’t been reimagined, you will see the long history of a people taken from their country and forced into diaspora. Ever since the story was told of Abraham having two sons by his wife and his concubine (Isaac and Ishmael) there has been a battle over ownership.

      Believing the rhetoric doesn’t make it true. Question everything.

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  4. Pls save this post and send to next administration’s SoS (hopefully a conservative). No need to waste this impressive analysis on the WH now; hope it isn’t too late by 2024!

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts. Why don’t you move over here to give us a hand?

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  5. Thanks, as ever, Sandomina, for sane and solid discussion! If I’m not getting too far ahead of your next installment: Where does Taiwan fit into this puzzle?

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    1. Good question because I worry that Taiwan is in danger. After years of doing business there and witnessing how hard these people work, I’m feeling as verklempt as I did after “the fall” of Hong Kong- the greatest mecca of capitalism (under British colonial rule) I have ever had the privilege of visiting. In fact, I was envious and would often think to myself, “Why can’t America be more like this vibrant and sophisticated peninsula?”

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