When India Goes to War With China 

It is an open secret that China challenges everything India sets its eyes on, be it cooperation with Quad partners (the United States, Australia, Japan), international organizations like United Nations, WHO, or designating a terrorist organization. India, a Quad member and a close ally of the United States, has become the biggest eyesore for China. The government of India has limited time before China becomes confident enough to collectively challenge India at its northern borders as well as look after its security issues in the South China Sea.

Is India ready to take on China? Is Chinese militarily really that strong what it projects?

Read my latest article and comprehensive analysis at India’s leading ‘Think Tank’ organization, Chanakya Forum:

9 thoughts on “When India Goes to War With China 

  1. I was wondering where you’ve been Sando! Happy to see you back. 🙂

    India may certainly be a target but I think China is prioritizing the Big Kahuna- the U.S.- while we have a lame duck, incoherent president in the WH. Frankly, I’m still grieving for Hong Kong and I am convinced Taiwan will be next because the Biden administration won’t lift a finger to help.

    If we lose both HK and Taiwan, we’re screwed. They’ve been very important business allies/importers/exporters. I know this after years of doing business in both countries and it was a perfect union of capitalist mentalities.

    Sorry to wander off-topic a bit, but I’m equally concerned about Putin and Ukraine. We visited Kiev during the Orange Revolution and unlike the Mid-East, these citizens are hard-working and ambitious and want to develop their economy. (I wore an orange turtleneck every single day during my stay there.)

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    1. Hi, Liz. Sorry, I have been very busy. You know when the holiday season starts our work as a pilot increases.

      Now coming to the article, I am actually very sad. Every country still looks up to the United States and I can tell you from my part of the world that the US leadership is not inspiring anyone here. The European Union is going in one direction. Germany’s left leaning government is busy in it’s own cacophony. A small nation, Lithuania is trying to take a stand but lacks support.

      American companies bend over backward to please Xi. The utterly shameful act of Amazon in front of Xi Jinping & CCP is shocking.

      What’s happening… have all the people sold out to China, or do we still have some ethics and morality left.

      These are my questions… What do you say?


      1. I hate to answer your question because I don’t like my answer! I’m afraid most countries have sold out to China and even worse, have no clue what the ramifications of this disastrous decision will be. (Why does the image of PM Neville Chamberlain keep coming to mind?) The world has skewered the U.S. for decades while eagerly accepting her protection, but will not be happy when Xi takes over that role.

        It continues to amaze when I compare the intellect of our Founders to that of the morons we elect now. The only hope I’ve had in a long time was Donald Trump but I’m actually worried for his safety if he runs again because the radicals have determined it is ok to eliminate him. And no, I don’t believe I’m exaggerating.

        What is becoming glaringly obvious though, is that the “swamp” has become so unmanageable, it can only take a strong, mentally and emotionally tough man with an ego the size of Long Island and with massive experience in the PRIVATE SECTOR negotiating with the “big boys.”

        And I don’t want to give up my governor; I want them both!


  2. I don’t have the ability to edit but did want to add re: Ukraine: This country could become a great business ally as well and I want to see this happen.

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        1. No doubt that Taiwan & HK are most vulnerable. We are going through a very crucial phase concerning China. It is the Deja Vu phase that happened just before WW2. All the European leaders mollycoddling Hitler.

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