Time To Reduce Dependence On China

-My latest video covers all important “Rare Earth Elements”

-How the USA gave up its dominant position

-China took the lead & blackmailed other nations

-India started very early in 1950 but didn’t realize the criticality of this field

(To turn the English subtitles on pause the video and press the double CC symbol on top, press enable subtitles, again press the CC symbol, and select the English translation)

-Do watch & comment:

One thought on “Time To Reduce Dependence On China

  1. “How the USA gave up its dominant position.”

    This statement made me feel like I had been kicked in the stomach, because it is true. The American ruling class is a total disgrace. What they have done not just to America but to the entire world is beyond catastrophic. They are traitors, not just to their own country, but to all of humanity.

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