A Blog-Site About Nothing

I have just realized that a blog-site that banned me for life stole its very raison d’être from the Seinfeld show. It is a blog about nothing. Well, that and the founder’s daily original post (OP) that is merely a link to something or the other with a commandment to get back to the “author” to tell him what it all means.

This OP, in case you haven’t already figured it out, is about envy. To be specific it is about how poorly people, who work hard to believe themselves to be brilliant, react when confronted with actual genius.

9 thoughts on “A Blog-Site About Nothing

    1. To have any kind of advantage is a blessing, but it can also be a curse for various reasons, one of them being, some people will be jealous. It’s a paradox.

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    1. I’m thinking that some rational levels of jealousy can be healthy. For example, a wife may git just a tad bit jealous when she sees her husband laughing and joking with some hotter and younger woman. If that jealousy disappears the instant he tells his wife that the girl is the daughter of his old Army buddy and he was telling her a story about her dad that she never heard – then all is good.

      On the other hand the kind of irrational envy that turns into bullying, that is not healthy. There is nothing beautiful that I can find in that sort of behavior.

      P.S. Thanks for popping in on us. I know your battles with the internet are epic.

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      1. “Irrational envy that turns into bullying” was exactly what I did see. And y’know…..much as I hate the word bullying, the situation I experienced WAS one where, as the passive-aggressor knew, I couldn’t fight back—not because I was powerless, but because as the hostess I had too much power….The bastard! Thank you, ST. now I’ve seen it more clearly, I know where to direct the venomous pissed-offed-ness which has been poisoning my mood today!

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  1. P.P.S. Please call me in case you need backup if it goes from passive-aggressive to full blown

    is still a wee bit of fight left in this old Marine!

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