Black Pasta with Shrimp

Shrimp with black pasta and salad. The restaurant is in the middle of a tea plantation. You can see it on the top of the hill in the first two pictures.

16 thoughts on “Black Pasta with Shrimp

  1. There is small electric shuttle bus to pick up customers at the parking lot and/ or observation platform and carry them to the steps of the restaurant. The views from within the restaurant of the waitresses are also nice.

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      1. David Bowie was never married to Naomi Campbell; he was married to another Black supermodel named Iman. Dude, you have to keep your models straight πŸ™‚

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  2. The surroundings, the food, and the waitstaff look and sound – by description – to be a win-win-win, the portions look manageable, tasty – and fun to try. Thanks for the invitation, ST! May I add a thank you for your sensitivity to the upcoming Lenten season’s menu requirements for some of us?

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  3. They all look alike.

    Au contraire. I saw Naomi Campbell once at the Costes bar in Paris during fashion week. She was overwhelming at nearly six feet tall. I was sitting in the lounge and looked up into her kneecaps! I had to tilt my head to see her torso and face.

    Jac is right about Iman but she had a very different look as a Somalian. In many ways, she reminds me of the infamous Ayaan Hirsi Ali (also Somalian). Both have beautiful, sculptured features and were also quite tall.

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