This Makes Me so Angry

I know a veteran in his 90’s who lives at this Soldier’s home; he is a lovely gentleman. He was my parents’ pharmacist for many years. Decades ago, when my Dad was in pain after a heart attack, he opened his pharmacy at an ungodly hour to make sure that my Dad could get his pain medication. When my Dad died, this gentleman couldn’t attend the service, but he sent a note to the funeral home expressing his condolences. Shortly afterward, my Mom and I went to visit him. He was doing well at that time, very upbeat and happy. I am praying that he is ok, and praying for all those who aren’t.

7 thoughts on “This Makes Me so Angry

    1. Sorry, it’s a story about the Holyoke Soldier’s Home in Holyoke, MA. They had one patient whom they suspected of having Covid 19, and who when tested did in fact have it: protocols were not followed, and now 18 veterans have died and even more are infected. The story goes into more detail about how this happened, but it sounds like the guy in charge was punishing staff members who were trying to do the right thing: according to a story on the local news about this, he was made fully aware of the protocols that needed to be followed, and he just flat out refused to implement them.

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          1. Biological warfare whether on purpose of by accident is satanical at best. Problem is there is no knowing where it will go once unleashed.

            If their is a God, the ChiComs will pay for this heinous attack on all of humanity.

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          2. There definitely is a God, but even if there wasn’t, the Chi Coms are going to pay dearly for what they have done.


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