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Had a dream that interpreted the k’vanna of the niggun of Hava Nagila.  A powerful mussar walks a narrow line, it does not bounce from subject to subject, rather it clings to a simple idea that arouses the אומץ לב of joy within our hearts, the Will to possess the land.  1948, the declaration of National Independence, Yidden danced the Hava Nagila niggun of the Sadigura Hasidic dynasty that made aliya to Israel on the eve of WW2.         Written either by Avraham Zevi Idelsohn or Moshe Nathanson, the former made its first recording in 1922.  It’s a simple niggun: Come let us be glad, and rejoice.  Arise brethren with a joyful heart.  Traditionally sung together with blowing the shofar.  This niggun goes together with Shalom aliechem which Yidden traditionally sing to invite the sanctity of shabbot.          Prior to the evening first meal, which begins with a blessing pronounced over wine and bread.  The blowing of the shofar together with this niggun – so inspires the heart.  The k’vanna of Hava Nagila – to enliven the heart; to rise up against the Yatzir Ha’Ra and steel our Will, for the coming hard fight, to possess and conquer the land.         Wheels within Wheels, the spirit of HaShem contained within the wheels.  The vision of the Divine Chariot, from which rabbi Akiva derived his פרדס kabbala sh’itta of Talmudic scholarship.  The circular dance of joy, expressed on Chag Sukkot, focuses upon the liberation from g’lut, rather than the bitter cold night of g’lut.  It recalls the opening war to capture the walled city of Jericho, the opening battle to conquer the land – the reason HaShem brought Israel out of Egyptian slavery.         Yidden recall through Hava Nagila the courage of king Hezekia, when he stood toe to toe with Sennacherib, the Assyrian king.  Torah victory in war requires HaShem to first judge the Gods whom the Goyim worship.  Tehillem teaches: trust not in the power of the horse.  Israel conquers and takes possession of the land, not through tuma wisdom and military prowess.  Slaves thumbed our noses at Par’o following the P’sach night, when the head and hands of the fallen Egyptian Gods lay shattered upon church and mosque floors.         Yidden dance forming a circle to arouse the Divine Spirits within us to overcome our dread and fear of giants in the faith of עמנו אל – first HaShem wars against the Gods whom the Goyim worship, only thereafter does Israel rejoice victorious over our enemies – the latter, utterly and totally destroyed.  Another memory dance, Yidden feel exhilaration recalling the vision of destroyed chariots; the obliteration of the army of Par’o, corpses cast upon the shores of the Sea of Suf.  Traditionally Yidden stand in shul when the פסוקי דזמר “blessing” comes toאז ישיר משה ובני ישראל את השירה הזאת

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  1. “The Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold/And his cohorts were gleaming in silver and gold,/And the sheen of their spears was like stars on the sea/Where the blue wave rolls nightly on deep Gallilee.”

    ….wrote Byron in “The Destruction of Sennacherib “. But in the morning the host and all its animals, lies dead:

    “For the Angel of Death had gone by in the blast/And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed—
    …And the might of the Gentile, unsmote by the sword/Hath melted like snow in the glance of the Lordl! “

    I love that poem, and all the Old Testament stories.

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  2. Thank you, @mosckerr, for calling us to joy this day; and reminding us that we are not alone in turmoil and tribulation! (Thanks to ST for promoting this lovely reflection, and to Hypatia, for Lord Byron!)

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  3. On the day that Ben Gurion declared Jewish Independence and named our new nation Israel in 1948, Yidden danced in the streets.

    On that same day 5 Arab armies invaded the Jewish state – their aim to complete the Nazi Shoah and to throw the Jews into the Sea. More Jews died in the ’48 Independence War than any war we have fought since, including the 1973 Yom Kippor War. Yidden danced to Hava Nagila in preparation for the bitter fight ahead confronting us. The joy of Hava Nagila calls upon HaShem to judge the Gods worshiped by the Goyim that confront us with death in their eyes.

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  4. Every P’sach on Seder Night Yidden sing this unique song of P’sach. 1:29:20 of this movie on the Raid on Entebbe. Only the brother of the current Prime Minister of Israel died to free the Jewish captives at Entebbe.

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