Covid-19 Experience

Existential Alchemy of Compassionate Growth

Pre Virus

As you will know from previous posts I have been undergoing treatment with a chemotherapy tablet, this meany that I have been sheilding. It has been 15 weeks now. I began ‘quarantining’ off my own back on the 10th March (official lockdown didn’t begin until the 23rd)

The Virus

Unbeknown to me I had already been exposed in the first week of March.

My symptoms started on with a sore throat that lasted 48 hours then there was a small gap before I began having shortness of breath and a high temperature. I didn’t think for one minute initially that it was Covid as I was not coughing nor did I have severe fever (mild-moderate but not severe). I did have the hot and cold symptoms due to the fever (ranging 37.5-37.7) I didn’t have any appetite as everything was like cardboard, tasteless it has taken a long…

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15 thoughts on “Covid-19 Experience

        1. Thank you so much, Stacie! I am so sorry that you had to go through this, but rejoicing that you are feeling better-sending prayers and good thoughts your way!

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    1. Really? Wow I was just trying to speak up so that people took it seriously as they seem to be easing back into normality as if this virus never existed. Unless you have experienced it or had loved ones affected…or worse I don’t think people are grasping it’s potential. Not so much for themselves as many will be very ok or have little or no symptoms but to others whom are perhaps more vulnerable. I just felt there was a human to human caring opportunity and responsibility. I just hope somehow my little addition helps make a difference for at least some people. Thank you for sharing it, may it be of benefit 🙏

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      1. Yes, this word needs to be spread far a wide. This virus is nCOVID-19. The n in NCOVID that nobody types except me means novel.
        These testimonies help us all better understand this ChiCom released plague.

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  1. You didn’t tell me this in our previous e-mail, dude. STAY AT HOME and take care of yourself. Get re-tested before traveling anywhere outside Thailand.

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