The National Championship

Alabama- ND was no great surprise, but I was blown away by Clemson- OSU. I was disappointed for Trevor Lawrence- what a way to end a stellar college career even though he’s expected to go first round to Jaguars and perhaps I’ll get to see him play one day. That key defensive lineman Skalski who was ejected from the game for ‘targeting’ deserves many  sleepless nights for partially contributing to his team’s sorry performance in the second half. Who does he think he is? Lawrence Taylor?

Although it kills me to say this about any OSU player, Justin Fields is surely a prince among men. I originally wanted to see the #1 and #2 teams in the finals, but it should be interesting to see what OSU can pull off against the toughest team in the NCAA. Hope Fields has fully recovered from his injuries by then, another reason Skalski should be ostracized for giving the Tide even more of an advantage.

It was a great play-off series though; always fun to see #1-4 ranked teams compete.
Who is your bet for Tuesday’s honor? I’d wager on Devonta Smith.

11 thoughts on “The National Championship

    1. I very much doubt that Simon will be able to explain in a way that I would understand, but I immensely enjoy it when the two of you discuss sports 🙂

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  1. Simon has been out of the country for awhile but we know he loves mano a mano interaction so he’s usually able to catch up with me with the NCAA, NFL, MBA, NHL, etc.

    Now this is when I wish we had MLR on this site…

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    1. Have you tried asking him to join?
      Hee Hee just kidding…
      And yes I feel the same way Judy does..I’m in awe of your knowledge and understanding of sports, but….🤪I’m clueless!

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