Random Observations

The state of affairs in America couldn't be worse. I thought the Carter administration was destructive but as my husband reminded me, we, as a country weren't quite used to such incompetency so we paid a high price in the 70s - a recession. Here's a positive note that I've noticed in the market and … Continue reading Random Observations

GOAT Throws #600 TD Pass

Tom Brady throws touchdown pass number 600! WR Mike Evans catches QB Tom Brady's 600th touchdown pass in his career against the Chicago Bears in week 7. As one sports announcer effusively exclaimed, "I've never seen 600 of anything in the NFL!" Hope Robert Kraft is feeling the pain ...

Mitch McConnell Has to Go

The Senate passed legislation on Thursday to raise the debt ceiling through early December, after a small cluster of Republicans temporarily put aside their objections and allowed action to stave off the threat of a first-ever federal default. The action came the day after Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader,¬†partly backed down¬†from his … Continue reading Mitch McConnell Has to Go