TOTD: We Lost the Cold War Redux

After the collapse of the Soviet Union the thugs (KGB) that were already running the place realized that communism did not provide them with enough goods & services to steal from the ‘New Soviet Man’ so they created a new form of government: The Cupiditocracy.

Our Ruling Class have discovered the brilliance in this ancient economic system and with full support of the rank & file Progressives, globalists, communists, Marxists, socialists, fascists, etc., are leading us by deceit and design down the same path to the same destination as have Pol Pot, Lenin, and Stalin.

It is still tyranny – fed by greed and resentment but they have found Soviet style Marxism wanting and have made rudder adjustments.

19 thoughts on “TOTD: We Lost the Cold War Redux

  1. America’s ruling class is selling us down the river. What most Americans will do about this remains to be seen. All is not lost, at least not yet.

    Thinking about it, though, it’s no wonder the ruling class hates the Founding Fathers so much. Most of the Founding Fathers were born to wealth and privilege, but they used their wealth and privilege to create a free country and advance all of mankind. Our ruling class cares only about advancing themselves. The Founding Fathers must be an unbearable reminder to them of everything they are, and everything they aren’t.

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    1. America was killed by its Ruling Class in Benghazi by the Obama regime; however, Americans were too busy examining their navels to have noticed. As soon as some realized what had happened, they began attacking and then deplatforming the few of us who were warning them of things to come.

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      1. The men at Benghazi never gave up. Neither can we. We owe it to them to keep America alive. Americans-and I totally include myself in this-have made many mistakes, committed many sins, and judged many situations wrongly, but redemption is possible.

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    1. The real test will come if and when they try to take away our guns. If large numbers of Americans give up their guns, it’s over, but I don’t think that will happen. Time will tell.

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      1. Deep State enforcers will come in the dead of night to arrest and imprison the outspoken rebels one by one. Those without backbone (which represents ~99.99% of the land of the free, home of the brave) will fall in line with their tormentors.

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  2. I thought that I knew what was going with politics in America, but over the course of the past year, the scales have fallen from my eyes, and if they have fallen from my eyes, they have fallen from many other peoples’ eyes as well. Don’t lose hope, Simon. All is not lost, at least not yet.

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    1. The only hope left to me is to lose and/or loose myself in Thai poontang. As our bettors might say, what difference at this point does it make?


      1. Nothing in that comment was true. Everything you said in that particular comment was false, except for when you quoted Hillary, but what she said was also false. I know that you believe what you said (unless you were joking), but it’s not true. I think that your perspective is skewed.

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      2. I don’t even know what the down low is, and am afraid to ask. I am not saying that you should not date beautiful Thai women, I am only saying that they are not your only hope in life. They can be a wonderful part of your life, but they are not your only hope 🙂

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  3. From a theological/spiritual perspective, secular materialism, wherein an attitude of gratitude is supplanted by a sense of entitlement, combined with victimhood, topped with the whipped cream and mixed nuts of an internally-focused moral compass, gets us to the anarchic nihilism that is the vehicle for imposing a totalitarian way of life that’s been decades in the making. Chastisement, here we come.

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