As do we all, am continuing to receive hundreds of “gimme” letters from the GOP (Heritage, AEI, Judicial Watch, etc.) for donations to be used to win the 2024 election. I ignore them all but in 2016, I accepted one letter from Don, Jr. who asked me to volunteer my time for his father’s Jacksonville rally. He offered a daily stipend and full room and board if I would only help interview and cull the first ten rows of the audience. (Don’s administrative team does the backgrounders that you see on TV as well.)

He was looking to pack that specific space with suburban white women and I leapt at the opportunity. I responded:

“I know those women and I’ll work my damndest to find you allies. It would be an honor to serve and btw, my only requirement is a picture with my Don. I can handle the expenses.”

Unfortunately, the rally was cancelled due to Covid but the offer still stands. One stipulation: I would want Ron DeSantis on the ticket.

9 thoughts on “Hand-Outs

  1. 2024?….Don’t we have to “See the Hill – as in Capitol Hill – and take back the Hill” in 2022 first? Or am I missing something?

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  2. Does it look as if our former President, DJT, might run in 2024?

    nCOVID-19 was a Chinese communist act of war on America. The Democrat Party colluded with ChiComs to steal the 2020 election.

    Change my mind.


    The biggest threat to America is a general lack of intestinal fortitude within the citizenry and failure to comprehend and defend our endowment, the Constitution.

    Finally, we should simultaneously increase and have no limits on the welfare state and completely open our southern border to all comers. In these we could perhaps model North Korea and/or Venezuela.

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    1. “Does it look as if our former President, DJT, might run in 2024?”

      He is on Judge Jeanine right now, and will be visiting the Southern Border. We can only hope that he runs again, but one thing is clear: he isn’t going away. Rumor has it that he might start his own social media company.

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      1. Yes. I only kept half an ear on that press conference, but I saw that part of it, and as far as I know, no one questioned him or called him on it.

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      2. Well, a bunch of conservatives on Fox News later pointed out how ridiculous that statement of Biden’s was, but as far as I know, none of the reporters who were actually at the press conference called him on it.

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