Semper Fi

As Simon already knows, I was hacked on this site and thus the sudden change in my avatar. Miraculously, my software program updated to 10.0 last night and deleted all spam, viruses, etc. and my pretty purple batik avatar was restored.

This morning I reviewed this with my IT specialist (former asst to General Mattis btw) and he updated all my malware and confirmed I had indeed been hacked. He added additional defense mechanisms.

As an aside, he had recently gotten into a serious car accident when a truck overturned on the freeway and ended up with a lumbar spinal injury. He was calling me from his hospital bed.

There are no words.

9 thoughts on “Semper Fi

  1. As an aside, the military is the best government “program” in this country and frankly, the only one I am happy to support. The young gentleman in question fought in Iraq for his country and used the GI bill to get a Masters degree in computer tech and has made a great living for himself; dude, he has clients in London and other major European capitols.

    This story warms the heart of this capitalist. You know I love this type of work and determination to make the donuts!

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  2. Amen, Liz! There are words, though; you used the 2 best ones. 🙂

    Please convey prayers and thanks from yours truly! (Kindly add an: OohRah and a Semper Gumby = Always Flexible/Adaptible, too, if you would.)

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    1. “In hoc signo vinces” is a Latin phrase conventionally translated into English as “In this sign thou shalt conquer.” The Latin phrase itself renders, rather loosely, the Greek phrase “ἐν τούτῳ νίκα”, transliterated as “en toútōi níka,” literally meaning “in this, conquer”.

      Thanks for this, ST. I’ve officially adopted this as my personal motto.

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