Victor Frankl

Nanda mentioned Victor Frankl in an earlier post. For those who don’t know, Victor Frankl was a Jewish psychologist who survived Auschwitz. He went on to write what I think is the greatest book that has ever been written: Man’s Search For Meaning. This video clip includes some of his quotes. It is only 5 minutes, and I highly recommend it. However, my favorite Victor Frankl quote isn’t included. “Perhaps life expects something from us.” That was his message to suicidal people who felt that life wasn’t going their way. Have more perfect words ever been spoken?

11 thoughts on “Victor Frankl

  1. Slight correction, JaC, Frankl was an MD, neurologist/psychiatrist, so was M. Scott Peck; Jordan Peterson is a PhD, clinical psychologist who both teaches and sees clients, just for comparison. This is a great clip!

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  2. A distinction without a lot of difference, but Frankl actually did neurosurgery early in his career, so he’d even have a link with Dr. Ben Carson, too. It just gets better and better. 🙂

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    1. I was reading Dr Frankl’s wikipedia page. While he was a student, he set up a program to address student suicides. During the year his program was in operation, there were zero suicides.

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