2021 NFL Draft is Racist

If a white guy (even worse if zhe assumes to play the QB position) is picked first in this year’s draft shouldn’t the NFL be condemned for being obvs racist and inner cities be burned to the ground in recognition and protest of this outrageous outrage? Affirmative Action — don’t fail me now.

Condemn and shut down all professional sports until they woke themselves.

10 thoughts on “2021 NFL Draft is Racist

  1. Yeah, yeah, Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence will be #1 pick for Jaguars but people need to read Michael Lewis’ Blind Side because left tackles have become the most coveted and highly paid players in the NFL. Many are black and their value went up due to the GREATEST defensive LB ever, Lawrence Taylor (also black).

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  2. Left tackle Mike Oher had a $22 million dollar contract for three yrs when he was drafted by the Ravens in 2009 and oh… with a 4 million dollar sign bonus.

    I’m weeping copious tears for those who are racially challenged. Could I be one? As a WASP female, I’m just not able to cut the grade…

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  3. Wow; this was the year for the QB! Tom Brady has made an impression; only sorry the Bucs didn’t get a protégé for him to train until he retires.

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      1. Rattler, Howell or King? Who do you like? In any case, the Bucs are going to have avoid the Super Bowl if they hope to get any of those three in the draft.

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      2. They will get somehow, someway the QB Brady wants to coach after he hangs up his cleats. I have no doubt.


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