My Picks for 2024

Ron DeSantis running for the WH with VP candidate Tim Scott from South Carolina. Both have accomplished much but more importantly, they will appeal to the white working and middle class just as our Don did. Scott is an anathema to black voters but I don’t care. There are plenty of the “forgotten” voters- the upper middle class who love them both.

Count me in for this ticket.

As for the media, I want to hear more from Candace Owens and Michelle Malkin.

13 thoughts on “My Picks for 2024

  1. OMG, Liz, you are acting as though President Trump doesnt even exist! Dont count him out. I love DeSantis, but even he is a poor substitute for President Trump, 2024!

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    1. I have never counted out Trump; only the American voters.

      And do not forget that DeSantis is a Trump acolyte. He won the gubernatorial election in large part to DJT’s support.

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      1. Don’t count American voters out either, they-we-elected Trump and were robbed. No Trump acolyte can hold a candle to Trump. De Santis should be is VP, but I want Trump in 2024.

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  2. So do I but I have become a pragmatist. Trump’s worst enemies reside in the GOP swamp because they highly resented an outsider wiping the floor with them. DeSantis may be a candidate they can support while saving face.

    I just want the Trump agenda renewed and if it needs to be executed by an insider, so be it. I’m not proud and believe it or not, neither is DJT. He’s a true patriot and would support a GOP candidate like my governor if it meant saving this sorry excuse for a country from itself.

    Angry much, Liz? The answer is yes.

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    1. “DeSantis may be a candidate they can support while saving face.”

      You are wrong, Liz. You are very, very wrong. They will never ever support a good candidate, for any reason. If they support a candidate, it means the candidate is bad. If they support DeSantis, DeSantis will lose. I don’t think you understand how much they are hated.

      There is no working with these people. or cooperating with them. They must be overthrown, and Trump is probably the only one who can do it. He did it once, he was elected twice. We should stick with what works.

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  3. But it didn’t work in 2020! And may I reiterate it wasn’t the Don’s fault. I think he outsmarted the Dems in 2016 and they’re wise to him now.

    DeSantis has Fox, many influential House and Senate members and the entire state of Florida behind him so I’ll take my chances. He isn’t stupid and may figure out how to outsmart those who outsmarted Trump. He’ll have a lot of help in any case from many corners. He is incredibly well-liked by voters.

    And you and I need to stop arguing the same point. We both support a populist agenda.

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  4. “But it didn’t work in 2020!”

    It did work in 2020. Trump won in 2020. The election was stolen by democrats, and if the issue of election integrity is not addressed, it won’t matter who runs, because no republican will ever win again.

    You and I are definitely on the same side, but it really worries me when you seem to believe that Trump lost in 2020. He didn’t.

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  5. Frankly, I don’t know what to believe because we don’t have a media that knows or cares to report a damn thing and we have no proof. This is not to say fraud did not occur but I have no solid evidence!

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    1. The reason there is no solid evidence is because they won’t allow the evidence to see the light of day! Oh, come on, Liz. 🙂 If they could prove that Biden won fair and square, they would. They can’t, so they just try to silence anyone who questions the results.

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  6. Point taken but we both can agree that Trump won by a slim margin in 2016 (Michigan- 10,000 votes, etc.) and probably was on the cusp again in 2020. I think DeSantis can win by larger margins and make it harder for the criminals to hijack the election.

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