The Only Thing Socialists Ever Got Right

When my late husband Robin first came to America, he was involved with a woman who was a teacher. Many of her friends were also teachers. This group of women was the first experience Robin had with the American educational system. He was surprised. The woman he was dating was very pretty, but he was surprised that she and her friends qualified to be school teachers. He was absolutely astounded when he learned that they were grading the papers of their own students. That never happens in Scotland, because the potential for corruption is obvious-to Scottish people, anyway. In Scotland, teachers teach, but all tests and essays are sent far far away to be graded by people who know neither the students nor the teachers involved.

The education system in Scotland is nationalized. That is a bad thing. Most Americans do not want the American educational system to be nationalized, and for good reason, but could there be a private sector way to ensure objective grades? When I look at America and Scotland, it seems to me that most things are a lot better in America, but education is a glaring exception. We will continue to have problems with grade inflation and low standards for as long as teachers are grading the papers of their own students.

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