It’s Not That I Don’t Like You….

…but, just so you know, even though I can post here, obviously, I presently can’t Like or Comment, and I feel bad not being able to respond to Simon and the Ettes.
I have no doubt this has to do with my iPad going into a coma a few weeks ago, so I was using another one; then it came back to life, even my BMD doesn’t know why—so now I’m back on my old one.

when I try to comment, it sez I hafta log in. But when I go to WordPress, it asks if I wanna log out.

idk, all of these workings are mysterious to me. This is just to let you know I enjoyed—and wanted to respond to—all of your comments on my last 2 posts, and appreciated your Likes. I reckon this will reverse itself eventually, just like the wombat who occupied my space for a while and then moved out, with no assistance from me at either end.

So: love JAC’s new photo, appreciated Liz’s astute comments on I Can’t Stand It , was happy to see Nanda’s comment and praying she’s doing well. Simon and the Ettes are always in my thoughts! But if I don’t Like or Comment for a while, you will know why.

4 thoughts on “It’s Not That I Don’t Like You….

  1. No worries, Hyp! I have so many problems with two relatively new computers, I need to call my IT at least twice a month. He isn’t cheap but what is my choice? First rule of computers: Don’t try to fix anything you do not understand.

    Anyway, the running joke is I’ll be helping to send his first kid to college…

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