Something Fun for a Change

Silly question, but I’m looking for a light-hearted moment to revive me for next week!

Here goes:

Who were your most favorite/famous celebrity sightings? After hearing from y’all, I’ll share mine. πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “Something Fun for a Change

  1. James Caan addressed me as the hostess years ago at an eatery in Rockefeller Center. I don’t think I was a great hit as one and was brand new but he came in and said, “Tell the hostess…” That was cool. My husband sat next to Nicole Kidman at a carwash in Tampa and spoke with her.

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      1. Thank you, cupcakecache πŸ™‚ I am not good at knowing contemporary actors, and when it comes to the older ones, I am hopeless, thank you πŸ™‚

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  2. Those are serious celebrity sightings. Kudos!

    Ok, now I’ll disclose:

    1) 6 months before he was murdered, I walked into a cappucino and cannoli shop one block from the Dakota in NYC and saw John Lennon sitting at a table. I had to leave because I almost fainted! As mentioned before, it is so un-cool to make a fuss about celebrities, I knew I had to go. (NY is sooo not LA.)

    2) Working as my first job as a buyer for Macy’s NY, I was on the selling floor during Xmas season to supervise. My dept was located right inside the 34th Street entrance and who should walk in but Princess Grace of Monaco. I’ll admit this was my most thrilling sighting because I admired her so.

    3) THE BEST NIGHT! For some reason, my husband and I were invited to opening night of Robert De Niro’s new restaurant Tribeca Bar & Grill and we were given a table in the front. That was cool until I looked up and saw a 6′ 6″ black man enter and it was Michael Jordan having dinner with Ahmad Rashad. They took a table next to ours and were immediately surrounded by bodyguards.

    I excused myself from the table (admittedly to catch a sneak peek) but headed over to the unisex bathroom where I was standing in line with Quincy Jones who couldn’t have been more charming and gave me his place in line. On my way back to my table, I passed the bar where WAYNE GRETZKY and Rangers star Mark Messier were drinking.

    I didn’t finish my dinner; my husband was afraid I couldn’t handle the excitement!

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  3. I only have one celebrity sitting. I am almost certain that I saw Gene Wilder at a bus stop in Honolulu over 25 years ago. I was walking to work, and he was standing in the crowd, waiting for the bus. I did a double take when I saw him-I didnt know his name at the time, but I was pretty sure I recognized him, though no one else seemed to. He made eye contact with me and held it: it seemed as though he was asking me to not recognize him, so I just kept walking.

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  4. Uh, my husband said he had a 10 minute conversation with Nicole and he went to a party at Robin Zander’s house where he met the drummer for Def Leppard and all the guys from Saigon kick.

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  5. Princess Grace of Monaco. That is so cool. I worked years ago at Sak’s in the buyer’s dept. I was a buyer’s clerical but I loved the excitement of that job. I was in training and wanted to become a buyer but the salary did not allow me to live in the city, so I moved on to a better paying job.

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  6. This might take a minute so I will write more later on my laptop (I got it working again miraculously).

    I think I will start with Paul Begala. I laughed out loud the instant I recognized him. We were in an airport VIP lounge somewhere like Dubai. I forget the city and country.

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  7. James Drury, Ed Ames, Robert Preston, Doug McLure – hospital tours when I was a wee β€˜un, and my fave, Harold Russell (β€œThe Best Years of Our Lives”) in DC in 76; Doug Henning – in Youngstown, OH- in β€˜76. Tom Sullivan in Kent, OH, 77; Peter, Paul & Mary, Kent – 1979, and Peter Yarrow in Toledo – who remembered me in 1984, from 5 years earliest. Thanks for reviving the memories, Liz!

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  8. “Elizabeth, are you in New York?”

    cupcake: I used to live in Naples but recently moved to Amelia Island! I could tell you were a Floridian; Tampa is lovely.

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