North Star

There is but one immutable guiding light.

Forever fixed in the heavens – it does not, cannot rise or set.

The North Star is the pilgrims guide to knowledge.

Follow your beacon without fear through good and bad.

If you remain steadfast and humble in seeking wisdom,

she will lead to peace, love, meaning, purpose,

and eventually, when you are prepared to embrace her, eternal Truth.

7 thoughts on “North Star

  1. “Follow your beacon without fear through good and bad.”

    I certainly have-my entire life- but it ain’t easy. You, as a Marine, may understand me when I say that type of fortitude and commitment to values makes you a prime target.

    And do not think I am feeling nothing but pride in my accomplishments.

    Yesterday my mother was speaking of a niece for whom she felt sorry. My response? “Nonsense! She made bad personal choices despite all her advantages. No one to blame but herself.”

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    1. Yes verily. More about it later when I get to my broken down and hanging on by a thread laptop.

      L! still owes me a replacement and I wait for TPTB to get it right for once.

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    1. But of course they do; anyone that doesn’t succumb to the norm attracts ridicule. I’m not even as obvious an ‘outlier’ as you but I get plenty of critics weighing in. This accounts for our “Odd Couple” friendship. 🙂

      One thing a good husband and fiscal success gives one is plenty of “FU” ammunition. 🙂

      You just made my day Chengiss …

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