Celebrate This Day

My husband and I were ruminating today about a lovely local custom we enjoyed when we first moved to Florida. The local Girl Scouts troop would patrol streets after sundown on 7/3 and implant American flags on the outer skirts of people’s front lawns and we would wake up on the 4th with a neat surprise.

No more! People complained about the infringement upon private property and so this was stopped. Legally, the complaints were valid, but whatever happened to the whimsical element of unexpected patriotism?

Nice lesson we’ve taught our young people, no?

23 thoughts on “Celebrate This Day

      1. She changed p0st c0itus. The break-up was salubrious f0r m0st parties c0ncerned.

        Reminds me 0f this 0ld saw: I l0ved the fucking Marine C0rps and the Marine C0rps l0ved fucking me.

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  1. Well, who wants a buncha Girl Scouts skulking around? Anything could happen! Sheesh……

    Last 4th, I put on a red white’n’ blue outfit and made a sign, “Honk if you love our country”. And I walked 6 miles with it. “Oh! is this a parade?” Asked one lady from her porch. “Yes, but it’s just me.” I said.

    You know how, in the old comics, there was always a series where everybody turned against the super hero? I never read those comics but I remember that happened to Superman, for some reason. Suddenly all the people who had been depending on him for help thought he was evil and wanted to kill him. I don’t know why. But the point is, that’s where our country is now. I hope we come out of it okay.

    Our blessed, beloved country! Happy Birthday and many more!

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  2. Every s0 0ften I w0uld call an early f0rmati0n and march my jarheads t0 0bserve m0rning c0l0rs. I’m betting more than a few of them still remember bitching ab0ut it and especially about me, “Lt Dangerous” (all 0f the time).

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  3. “Last 4th, I put on a red white’n’ blue outfit and made a sign, “Honk if you love our country”. And I walked 6 miles with it.”

    Only you, Hyp! Great story. 🙂

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  4. Liz, this set me spluttering….Girl Scouts placing flags for those who might not – for whatever reason – have been able to display them being accused of trespassing? Fie!

    Hyp, I love that story – and love you for doing it! Happy Independence Day to the Unleashed!

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      1. P.S. Knowing that you are not an American, I believe you share traditional First Amendment values so I would like to wish you a Happy 4th as well. 🙂

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