Taking the Knee

US women’s soccer team, other squads kneel in protest before Olympics matches.

What a disgrace! The women’s soccer teams never lose akin to the men’s basketball “dream teams” over the years but yet our patriotic gals lost to Sweden 3-0. Ask me if I care after this embarrassing stunt.

27 thoughts on “Taking the Knee

  1. You’re right- kneeling AND losing. I’d bet they lost to such an inferior team because they were more interested in making a political statement.

    I hope this sets no precedent for the future.

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  2. Oh boo-effing-hoo, these carefully curated, splendid physical specimens of young womanhood, who if they had been born anywhere else might already have been raped, given birth, suffered poverty and humiliation and yes actual “systemic genderism”—America the Beautiful never whelped a crop of more ungrateful, unaware daughters.

    (Just an aside: I would never even know the Olympics we’re going on if it weren’t for Greg Gutfeld’s jokes and blog posts like this. )

    Sheesh—and when I remember that more than one gym teacher (oxymoron alert!) yelled at ME back in high school because she “didn’t like my attitude”…why, I was a model of decorum and deference compared to THESE clueless young harpies!

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    1. Your commentary about gym class was priceless because I was hassled for my lack of ability which is why I admire gifted athletes as much as I do. THEY can do something I am incapable of so yet another reason for my outrage here.

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  3. Y’know, I never though about this before (because, like: don’t care) but: who ARE these girls? I knew one girl who tried out for the Olympics as a swimmer. She was a star in the suburban Phila community where she lived. (Didn’t make the Olympic cut, sadly..) but she was from a VERY wealthy family. Competing at that level costs a lot of money in travel, training, doesnt it? Buncha spoilt li’l princesses….

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    1. I do admit I am wary of the road taken to becoming a star gymnast. Those little girls look as if they’ve been psychologically abused and have zero life outside sports. On that note, figure skating in the winter was one of my favorite events but it’s all about triple salchows now and less about grace. Oh how I miss Peggy Fleming and Katarina Witt!

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  4. I am so relieved that I am not the only one who doesn’t like female jocks! I come from a very athletic family. The adults in my family considered sports, for both boys and girls, to be just as important as good grades. We all did well in school, so an emphasis was put on being good at sports, because being a dork was not allowed in my family. As a result, my saintly parents, who were perfect in almost every way, forced me very much against my will to play every sport under the sun-softball, soccer, basketball, swim team, I did it all, and I totally sucked at all of it, and I hated it, and my parents knew that I hated it, but they didn’t care. Bless them.

    Finally, after many years of being totally humiliated on the sports field, I reached high school, and I wasn’t good enough to make the team. Around that time, I also noticed the the guys could have cared less whether girls were good at sports or not, and they actually seemed to prefer quiet, feminine types of girls to loud, rowdy female jocks. That was a wonderful realization, because up until that point, I thought that I would fail at life because I had failed at sports. Seriously.

    And, with one exception, I am pretty sure that every female gym teacher I ever had was a lesbian. Female gym teachers are highly suspect, if you ask me 🙂

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  5. One of my female cousins who is my age was good enough to be seriously considered for the Olympics at swimming. She was very very fast. I don’t remember the details, but at some point somebody serious talked to her about it. She was around 13 at the time, and she was told that she either probably or definitely-I don’t remember-would qualify for the Olympic team. She was also told that if she wanted to compete in the Olympics, she would have to give up every other aspect of her life, and just basically spend every minute of her life swimming. She was 13. She decided that she preferred the normal life of a normal 13 year old to being in the Olympics. She didn’t want to give up her friends and her social life and all the things that she would have had to give up.

    Years later, one of the nieces of that cousin went through the same thing. She was also a very very fast swimmer, and somebody serious also suggested that she could if she wanted compete in the Olympics, but in that case, her parents wouldn’t allow it. I don’t know everything that happened, but she must have been toying with the idea, because her parents told her flat out that there was no way that they would allow her to live that way. And her parents have always had money-money was not the issue. They just didn’t want her to live that way.

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  6. Final observation here as I express my appreciation for the supportive comments made on this post.

    My husband: “Those American soccer players should be denied entrance back into the U.S.”

    Moi: “I love you for your pure radicalism but that is against the law, hon.”

    My husband: “We live under Democrat rule so there is no law. Let’s take advantage.”

    Never fear readers; we weren’t serious but D- da man- likes to make his point!

    Thanks again for all your input. 🙂

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